Moshi Overture Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5s Review

Moshi Overture Wallet Case for iPhone 5:5s in front of trees 7 blue skys.jpg

Cash, cards and an iPhone 5/5s can all be stored together in this slim folio case, known as the Moshi Overture Wallet, retailing for £30.60 within the UK and $44.95 within the USA.

Wallet Functionality

Upon opening this case we're presented with three easy to access pockets for storing cards, located on the left of the case. Six cards can be stored at once, adding some bulk in the process, so we kept to having around four stored. Underneath all these card slots is a larger pocket, ideal for keeping cash or you could even keep a pair of earphones in there. Making sure the cards don't scratch the screen of the iPhone when the case is closed, is a soft square bumper called Neato, which is held on with self-adhesive and can be detached and used to clean the screen. When attached it keeps the bottom row of cards away from the screen and the other two slots are set further back by design, so they are well clear of the screen.

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Durability & Design

After a few months of daily usage the Moshi Overture Wallet case has demonstrated that it's reliably made. The folio style hasn't created cracks or general wear on the hinge of the case, the stitching is tight and all materials are hard wearing. The soft and silky faux leather, available in red, grey and black is very pleasant to hold, but arranged with the rounded edges and swift lines of the case, they also help to set the understated classy image of this accessory. The only criticism we have is that the bumper/cleaning square loses its adhesive stickiness around the edges and becomes irritating to the fingers when you flip the left of the case around to use the iPhone solely for prolonged periods of time.

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Using The iPhone

Taking the iPhone out of the case is a doddle; the iPhone clips in and out of a shell on the right hand side. The volume controls; sleep/wake, audio jack, Lightning connector, microphone, speaker and rear camera are all easily accessible. The bezel around the screen of the iPhone isn't encroached upon, so using it wasn't restricted in any way. The iPhone is very easy to gain access to, with no magnets, buckles or Velcro to be tackled to access the inside of the Moshi Overture Wallet. Because it isn't shut closed by any said method, this could present problems if you were to drop your iPhone and the case opened itself, thus possibly damaging the phone's screen in the process. But reassuring 360 degree protection is offered whilst the Overture is closed in your pocket or resting upon a desk.


Two objects many of us always make sure we have on us when out and about is a phone and a wallet, so merging both into one slim package is an attractive proposition. We really like the understated image of the Moshi Overture Wallet for the iPhone 5/5s, created by the soft faux leathers, curved edges and a tasteful set of colours. But very importantly it has been a very nice case to use and sports a hearty build.

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