OtterBox Reflex Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

OtterBox have yet again made another great version of the Reflex Series case. This time for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The case comes in one colour scheme currently (we hope to see more soon), that being black encompassed by an ultra-skinny two part design of frosted translucent plastic, which snap together causing a encapsulated, tightly wrapped phone. A rubber exoskeleton surrounds the case making it satisfying to handle and offering a superb grip. However, after around 30 minutes of continuous usage, our hands began to break into a mild sweat from contact with the rubber; something worth bearing in mind.

The volume rockers and power lock button are covered via in-case silicone moulds, which when used work well. The auxiliary input, microphones and dock connector are all cut out of the case for easy access. The front LEDs and bottom row of physical keys are also easily accessible. Also worth noting are the three cut-outs along the rear of the case where the rear camera, LED flash and microphone are scattered in a line. The Reflex is also very efficient when detaching the bottom; perfect for using the phone with Samsung docking stations and other accessories.

There are air pockets located along the rear edges of the case to absorb impact away from the device, causing the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be rather secure. We tested the cases defence in a controlled manner, setting up a 5ft drop onto concrete ground. The phone was harm-free, but the case did pick up some mild exterior scratches.

The Reflex allows enough room for a screen protector to be attached to the S3. One is supplied within the box, and a bubble squeegee to help apply the screen protector smoothly so it doesn't leave behind bubbles. The self-adhesive screen protector does a good job at preventing smudges and scratches, but does remove some of the clarity of the Galaxy S3's screen.

The Reflex Series, in our opinion, makes a more compelling case purchase over the Defender Series. The protection offered, whilst also taking into account the size difference between the two, makes the Reflex a more attractive proposition to us.

Overall we're very satisfied with the OtterBox Reflex Series for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It's a supreme combination of protection and function and in-turn a recommendable purchase for the smartphone.