olloclip for iPhone 5 Review

The iPhone 5 has a fantastic rear camera but any degree of enhanced function we welcome with wide open arms. So olloclip's pocketable 3-in-one interchangeable lens system crafted specifically for the new phone rather excited us. With over two months of serious testing, we feel its now appropriate to deliver our verdict.

The functionality is brilliant. olloclip effortlessly slides on and off the iPhone 5, but is firmly secured when attached. It doesn't scratch or damage the phone in anyway applying. But keep in mind that you can't use this accessory with a case attached, possibly with a slim skin or screen protector. This isn't too much of a hassle if you own a case that's very quick and easy to remove, however olloclip recently unveiled their own case which has a detachable top right corner piece so the the 3-in-one lens can be attached.

The black and red or optional black on black colour scheme conjoined with the shape, makes for a rather attractive design. However they're more suited for the black model of the iPhone 5, we'd appreciate a model tailored for the white version. The build can't be faulted, a sturdy air craft grade aluminium/ plastic body and high quality anti-reflective glass lenses make this a durable accessory. Just as well, we've taken ours literally everywhere we've been over the past two months. Taking photos near the sea, in forests, indoors ect and have dropped the olloclip numerous times. Thankfully it was undamaged, even from quite a hard land onto a solid floor.

One side of the olloclip contains a wide angle lens that can be unscrewed to reveal a macro lens, the other side sits a fisheye lens. To switch from wide/ macro to the fish eye, simply flip the clip. This very functional yet simple implementation of a lens system encouraged us to use the olloclip because it distinguished complications present within other lens attachments. And for that we applaud the olloclip.

The compactness of this gadget is just 20g. Either lens barely protrudes 2cm from the iPhone, resulting in some very pocketable camera equipment. But won't the lenses get damaged or scratched within a pocket you ask? No, because each lens has a removable rubber cap. Also a mini pouch is supplied in the box and is the perfect storage solution for when the olloclip isn't attached to the iPhone 5.

Onto quality and usability. The three lenses really open up new viewpoints that weren't possible with the stock lens. Wide angle doubles the field of view possible and used with iOS 6 Panorama Mode enables 360 degree photos to be captured. In terms of clarity we have no complaints, images produced blown up are equal in quality to the stock lens except have a wider field of view.The 10X macro lens is fiercely impressive, allowing the capture of subjects from the distance of millimetres away. When viewing these photos full size, it's quite staggering as you can see. It's close to DSLR quality. The macro lens has definitely been the most fun to play with and the results have been nothing short of jaw dropping.The last lens to discuss is fish eye, whenever I think of fish eye I think of skateboarding videos. However once experimented with, it can lead to some very creative aspects. The most noticeable thing about fish eye, is it's ability to squeeze light. This in turn gives photos a brighter, sunnier feel. Also fish eye captures a wider aspect compared to the stock lens but obviously the reproduction of this is squeezed. All lens empower the iPhontographer and since having the olloclip we couldn't envision iPhone photography without it.

We have nothing but praise for this three lens system, however we do have one suggestion and a niggle. We'd like to see a zoom lens eventually implemented. A zoom lens would definitely benefit avid iPhone photographers and videographers, such as ourselves. It would solve those far too frequent moments when you think 'if I could only get a little close'. The niggle we have is that the olloclip unfortunately covers the rear LED flash but we feel this isn't very significant and has rarely interfered with our photography.

olloclip enriches the iPhone photography and videographers landscape. This is worthy to brand 'a game changer’. The very simplistic design that makes the kit super easy to use, whilst hosting a wide angle lens, a macro lens and a fish-eye lens, is greeted with a loud applause from all of us.