Thorntons Tempting Trifle Easter Egg Review

Last Christmas we published two Thorntons chocolate product reviews. And with the lead up to Easter we thought we'd bring you some Thorntons Easter egg reviews, starting with this egg. It's called the Tempting Trifle and is part of the British Pudding Scrummy Eggs range. Which also includes a Full 'O' Fudge Egg, a Tons 'O' Toffee Egg and a Black Forest Gateau Egg.

The first noticeable thing about this egg is its ease in opening. The plastic box makes the egg super easy to access and store. The egg itself is rather hefty at 468g/ 16.5oz and the design is striking too. The egg is of the standard egg like shape but sports a hatching chocolate button and jelly centrepiece that definitely sits it apart on the store shelves.

The Thorntons white chocolate is smooth, creamy and melts in the mouth. It's not at all gritty like many other white chocolate Easter eggs for sale. It's sweet but not to the extent to where it becomes sickly. However the white chocolate isn't the ordinary Thorntons offering, they've decided to implement a twist to represent the trifle title. The twist being a mild custard flavour. We found that this wasn't very apparent if you munch your way through the egg, however if we left the chocolate to melt on the tongue, the custard flavour was more apparent. Another compliment we have of the chocolate is that it's thick and snaps easily without leaving broken crumbs all over the floor in the process.

The chocolate is delicious but is made even more interesting with the added strawberry jelly pieces and crunchy almonds, the distribution of which is remarkably even. The added texture and sweet succulent flavour from the jelly pieces works well and really adds a refreshing take on the Easter egg concept. The strawberry trifle taste bursts into action when all these elements are left to melt in the mouth.

The chocolate button and jelly centrepiece is a novelty. The buttons and jelly pieces are easy to break off, it was like having a snack bowl within an egg.

Overall the Thorntons Tempting Trifle Easter Egg definitely lives up to its name. We found it hard to resist. It's very tasty and original, definitely well suited to white chocolate lovers. It's £9.99 price tag may seem a little steep but Thorntons do have a 3 for 2 deal currently enrolled on their website, which seems like a fairer trade off if you're buying for a family.