Detomaso Milano Watch Review

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Watches are funny things. Despite us all having the time and date on our phones, many still choose to wear the classic timekeeping piece around their wrist. However, this watch from Detomaso, known as the Milano, is not just a reliable timekeeping piece, but is also a very elegant fashion accessory.

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The Detomaso Milano arrives in a sleek tin and the watch itself has a few different design options available. The wrist band is available in different colours; which are white, black, beige, red, brown and blue. All have a red interior colour. The watch face, hands and main body is also offered in different colours with variations, these include black, silver, white and gold faces. So there is definitely a design variant that will suit most.

We have the brown leather wrist strap with the gold plated watch body (stainless steel construction). It looks sensational and very sophisticated. The use of gold isn't at all gaudy, but truly refined. And because the watch face isn't white but instead a champagne shade, it gently infuses the gold style of the watch to the eye, stopping it from becoming overbearing to look at. The front panel is mineral crystal glass and this adds reinforcement against things like scratches and hard knocks. The Milano is rated at 5 ATM for water resistance, which is roughly 50 metres (165 feet). The overall design is thin, light and we'd say rather timeless too. Yes, we know that this was made this year, but to the swift glance it could appear to be an antique vintage piece. The watch is designed to be worn by males and it is very well suited for a formal dress occasion, although it will also not look out of place in smart casual dress.

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Leather is generally a hardwearing material, but is always subject to ageing and general deterioration from usage. Metal wristbands, as a general rule of thumb, will outlive and better age when compared to fabric and leather bands. The band on the Milano will crease from usage, but that will only aid its character years down the line. The leather wristband is very thick and stitched with high precision and we would disagree with any other type of band being used, as it wouldn't be in keeping with the desired style. But if you're particular with your wristbands looking clean and new, you may need to change it every few years.

The Detomaso Milano watch is comfortable to wear; the leather is gentle against the skin and the body is also contoured so it doesn't dig into the wrist or get caught on clothing. The overall weight of the watch is 58g, so your wrist shouldn't get tired either.

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The Milano has a charming watch face. Neat hands conveniently display the time, and a separate dials display the day of the week and monthly calendar date. The 12 hour clock display has no actual printed numbers, Detomaso have kept it minimal and we like it. As it's a chronograph watch, a 60 second stop watch even makes an appearance with on the side stop and go buttons. The Milano uses quartz, which is an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. Quartz is very reliable and accurate in comparison to traditional mechanical watches, and is used in things like computers to keep the date and time. The time has always remained accurate from our usage. It has a typical watch-styled battery for its energy source, which Detomaso recommend you have changed by a watch specialist when necessary.

In summary the Detomaso Milano watch encompasses refined Italian charming design with purposeful functionality.

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