Rodda's Custard Review

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Rodda's has been expanding its range of products over the years. It's a company that is family owned and they are masters of clotted cream. Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream is known worldwide thanks to Heathrow Airport supplying it on all of its flights. At a recent food fair taking place in Truro, Rodda's were exhibiting their new product - Rodda's Custard. It's a custard made with Rodda's own clotted cream. Does the concoction work? Read on?

Rodda's Custard can be served cold or warm and is microwaveable. Our preference was having it cold because the flavours were more prominent. Either way, it's a befitting element of a warm pudding and is delightful all by itself too. The texture is silky and the consistency is not quite as thick as other well-known branded custards, we prefer this as it's more like a sauce.

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The characteristic flavours of this custard are unique, and those who dislike the taste of custard will likely enjoy Rodda's interpretation. Its flavour is deliciously reminiscent of melted ice cream (it actually tastes delightful when used as an ingredient to make vanilla ice cream). The fresh vanilla paste (but they also add vanilla extract) is notably visible throughout the custard, and it bursts natural vanilla flavour which, when combined with the sweetness of the custard and the very complimentary clotted cream, delivers an enthusing and extremely appetising flavour. We'd go as far as to say it's the tastiest vanilla custard we've ever had. This is by no means a run of the mill custard, it's something you'd see at a Michelin star establishment.

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And because its overall flavour is like melted ice cream it's a winner with children, which is good because it doesn't incorporate any artificial additives or preservatives. All the ingredients are natural. The only downside of the product is the size of the pot, at 300g many people that fall in love with Rodda's Custard may not see it as a sharing pot and want it all to themselves!

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Well done Rodda's for releasing yet another cream of the crop product. The Rodda's Custard made with their Cornish Clotted Cream is distinctly different to other branded custards. Its natural heavenly smooth textured flavour will no doubt capture people's taste buds with delight.

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