TYLT Capio Car Mount for Mobile Devices Review

The TYLT Capio Car Mounting system is designed to work with your Smartphones, music devices and pretty much every other mobile device you may have that is of a similar shape.

The reason it's compatible with a wide range of devices, is all down to the clever flat design. A sticky pad is directly on top of the stand and your device will simply stick to it. Of course this type of technology requires a great deal of stick, which it sports. It's not 100% compatible with some silicone cases. Another requirement is that it also has to keep it's stick and not leave any substances on your device, it excels in both areas. I have been using the Capio in my car for the last two weeks and to date no signs of weakened stick have occurred. I have never come across a material like it before, it’s padded but seems to ooze stickiness.

Setting up the TYLT Capio in my car was really easy. A suction cup on the base that also contains a ring of the sticky material is pressed against a dashboard or any other flattish surface you’d like to place it. Then you will need to attach the pad that sits a device, onto a circular joint located directly on top of the base, a plastic bolt is then screwed up to make sure it’s secure.

The circular joint allows for easy and smooth adjustment of the viewing angle. You can spin your device around 360 degrees and a great deal of flex going up, down, left and right is given too.

Using this in comparison to many other car mounts for mobiles and more specifically those designed for the iPhone that are on the market, really shows how good it is. You don’t need a magnetic case or need remove a case to clip your device into a stand. It allows you to just rip it off and on, whenever and wherever you’d like, this is convenience. It’s also very easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle if you have to do such things.

Overall the TYLT Capio Car Mount is the easiest car mounting solution I have yet to try. It excels at what it’s intended to do.