Hellolulu Eli Sleeve Case for iPad Review

The Hellolulu Eli case comes in four colours, Blue Iris, Sweet Pea, Perfect Plum and Fluff Cloud. Every case has a different colour combo for the strap and interior. The skews all look very creative and ooze a fun quality.

The case fits all iPad models, so everything up to the iPad 4 at the time of writing. Light Neoprene is used as the sole construction material and allows a little flex for different iPad models and will even allow room for a very thin case/ skin attached to an iPad such as the Case Mate Gelli. The neoprene is thin and lightweight, as a material it's very strong, the stitching is also precise and the overall construction is impressive at just $35. This is a top quality sleeve style case.

Taking the iPad in and out of the case is quick and easy. The iPad glides in, the strap secures the flap and prevents it from coming free, in turn securing your iPad. To remove your iPad you just pull the flap back through the strap and slide it out of the case. No magnets or Velcro is being used, so you have practically immediate access to the iPad. It's very suitable for traveling.

The protection the Eli Case will provide is great at preventing scratches and mild knocks and bumps. Big drops onto concrete however aren't the ideal scenario for this style of case to be in. It's better than nothing though. It's a great sort of sleeve case to store within a bag and have the confidence of the iPad not getting hurt stored inside it.

My biggest complaint is the fact that you can't carry anything in this case other than the iPad. It at time feels restricted but that's how this achieves it's thinness.

To sum up the Hellolulu Eli Case for all iPad models is a stylish, functional and an affordable sleeve case.