- Rip It Energy Fuel Soda Drink Review

Rip It Energy Fuel? These energy drinks are virtually unknown here in the UK but are relatively popular throughout the USA. It's created and made by Faygo in the USA and has recently been made available in the UK and across Europe via the awesome folks at I was lucky enough to be able to try every single flavour of Rip It and on a lower note have consumed far to much soda in the last two weeks.

The first I saw of the drinks were the cans and they are pretty awesome looking. Of course every singe one has different design elements based on the flavour but they all follow a specific theme. With rip marks torn across the cans at different angles, like a bear just attacked my beverage. The cans are big and contain just under 500ml. The Rip It logo looks very sharp and the overall design is topped off with different coloured pull tabs which is a nice addition.

There are ten flavours and three of them are also in diet form, each has a slightly quirky name. Some flavours are probably not to everybody's liking but I'm sure something for everyone can be enjoyed. You have Three Way Berry Mix, A’Tomic Pom (Pomegranate), Citrus X, F-Bomb (mixed fruit), G-Force (Grape), Lime Wrecker, Lemoan’R (Lemon & Raspberry), Power (similar to the standard energy drink), Red Zone (Strawberry) and Sting-Er Mo (Tropical Fruit).

My least favourite flavours were G-Force and Lime Wrecker. G-Force was very murky tasting and I couldn’t pick up on any resemblance to grape within the drink. Lime Wrecker tasted exactly like lime and unfortunately for that flavour I hate lime so I also didn’t enjoy that can. But those were the only two that I really didn’t enjoy drinking.

The raspberry and lemonade flavour Lemoan’R was by far my favourite flavour of the bunch. Both ingredients greet each other surprisingly well and the combination can't be described but it's sweet, it was also the most refreshing flavour too. I’ve never tasted anything like it before and would definitely put it up there with my favourite sodas of all time. My joint second favourites were Citrus X, Red Zone & Sting-Er Mo. These flavours all tasted of the combinations of fruit stated on the cans but the flavours are over exaggerated and I like that! You definitely taste some intensity put into the flavours of all the Rip It sodas.

The flavour that started it all with Rip It was Power. This is the taste of your standard standard energy drink but the flavour is far more syrupy and sweet. Again the flavour is more intense than say Red Bull and I know because of that many energy drink enthusiasts will want to try Rip It Power.

The energy given off from the drinks is up there with Red Bull and Relentless. I found that the flavours affected me differently but perhaps that's because I drank one every day and maybe my body took to them differently day to day. Either way I found the combo flavours to have a greater effect on me, within around 10 minutes of drinking a can an awakening and energetic feeling is present and the affect lasts for a good few hours.

I also tried four Rip It Energy Fuel Shots. These come in Red Zone, G-Force, Citrus X and Code Blue which is a berry version of Code Red. All the flavours are non carbonated and are ridiculously ardent, they’re on the brink of being violent. Citrus X and Red Zone were the most pleasant of the flavours on offer. A shot of this stuff is the correct amount for sure. I saw faster and bigger responses from my body after consuming one shot compared with the 500ml cans. Plus I found myself consuming these when I felt tiered, they worked possibly too well and I couldn’t get to sleep for a very long time so I’d recommend only drinking these morning to mid day.

Every Rip It has taurine as an ingredient, taurine is very beneficial for the body plus a whole bunch of victims are included in every flavour. The feel kicker is the caffeine which is also bundled in every flavour and is equivalent to a strong cup of coffee.

Something I forgot to give a try, was to use Rip It as a mixer which many on the internet talk highly of.

If you fancy trying Rip It Energy Fuel go to, you can purchase single cans or a pack of multiple flavours.

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