Jays a-JAYS Four Earbuds Review

My first impressions of the a-JAYS Four earbuds was the design. The cables aren't round and instead are flat and thin, it looks nice but also results in a mostly tangle free experience and that is brilliant. Cable length is more than adequate too. Both earbuds are also sharing the flat design elements with flat backs leaving a gorgeous silver trim. The earbuds are also relatively small even with the biggest tips applied.

Included in the box are a magnitude of earbud tips, very small to very large and everything in between is offered here. Changing the tips is a trouble free process and requires around two minutes for both buds. I found the right tips for my ears the buds felt light and airy when in use.

The a-JAYS Four offer a remote which will control an iPhone, iPad or iPod. It has three round buttons placed upon a very flattish clicker base. You can control music, volume and answer calls via the remote and the rubber buttons are responsive and easy to use quickly.

Microphone quality for when taking calls isn’t mind blowing but isn’t awful either. These don’t seem to have noise cancelation built in, making phone calls a little muffled at times but other than that the audio is passable.

Audio quality from the buds is strong. Bass is deep and penetrates itself vividly throughout your music collection. The bass doesn't cover the audio however. Vocals and instruments are separated well and you can distinctly hear each element. These perform very impressively at the price point but sound leakage is apparent if you crank the volume up.

Overall the a-JAYS Four Earbuds are a solid choice within the price point. The design is sleek and remote is easy to use.