FabX Maxx Spectra Case For iPhone 4/4S Review

FabX have produced a unique well designed case for the iPhone 4/4s. It is called the Maxx Spectra.

The Spectra comes in five attractive colours, Cadmium Orange, Eco Green, Gunmetal Gray, Pearl White and Stealth Black. FabX have said that in the near future they will be introducing even more exciting colours for the Spectra series. 

The tough minimalistic, efficient design, constructed from highly durable polycarbonate which has an ultraviolet layer, keeps the iPhones rear body and sides shielded from scratches or damage. When holding the iPhone within the case, I found it was notably secure and comfortable to hold because of the two rubber side grips that rest against the palm of the hand and fingers. The sturdy case is ideal for general use at home and when commuting. However, the screen and front bezel are totally exposed to possible damage, although a mild lip overhanging much of the edge will prevent direct contact with surfaces if the iPhone did happen to land flatly face down from a fall.

I found the spectra case very easy to attach onto an iPhone but ridiculously hard to take off, this could be looked at from a positive view as it means it won't slip out the case, but this was annoying and fiddly for me as I didn't want to drop or damage my iPhone when removing it from the case.

The top and bottom of the case are completely cut out so the iPhone's sleep/wake button, audio jack and 30 pin dock connector are accessible and it could even be docked without case removal. The left hand side of the case has a nicely sized cut-out for convenient access of the volume control buttons and mute switch. The rear camera and flash are also cut out allowing for complete ease of use and no necessity to remove the case during any normal iPhone procedures.

The outstanding difference about this case is that the rear has a built-in hand strap, which is good in itself in that it prevents the iPhone from slipping out of your hands but also has many other uses. This has been used to implement a method to store identification or similar shaped cards. It doesn't increase the thickness of the case, it simply makes use of the mildly overhanging rubber grips. Furthermore the hand strap can be attached onto other objects to hold the iPhone and case in place; such as on a bicycle or a shopping trolley for easy phone use. It is also useful to store earbuds and earphones when on the move.

All round FabX have made an iPhone case which has style and includes bonus functionality that many people will find uses for. The only downside is the difficulty in removing the iPhone from the case. But if you disregard this slight problem it is an exemplary and original design that works well when in use.