elgato tivizen (FreeView TV) for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Review

The first thing to note about this product is it's really well packaged. Very minimalistic and stylish, the product is presented in a very Apple way.

So what's the elgato tivizen all about? To answer that quickly it's aim is to be an ultra mobile TV tuner which can be used with your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The design of the device is very tidy. The top and bottom is coated with a black glossy plastic and silver trim wraps right around. The top contains an extruding antenna. On the right hand side of the tivizen we find the on and off button, when pressed three green LED lights will represent the battery status and signal strength on top of the device. The battery takes most of the space up on this ultra thin and light contraption. I carry mine in my pocket.

To use this on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad you'll need to download the tivizen App from the App Store which is completely free and universal. Once installed you will want to connect the tivizen to your iPad. This is done wirelessly via the Wi-Fi connection on your device. Now you can scan for channels, when scanning for channels I'd recommend putting the tivizen high up onto a shelf or doing it outside so you pickup the maximum amount of channels to watch. Now the scan is complete you can begin to watch live TV on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The interface of the App is ridiculously simple to use. To watch TV you click on Live TV and scroll through the list of channels. You can then select a channel to watch and it begins to play. While playing you can rewind or go forward and even record TV which I really like doing. It shows you what's currently playing and what's coming up next and to navigate from channel to channel you use the well known iOS feature of swiping to reveal each channel. Everything recorded is displayed in an alternative section within the App. I am using this in the UK so it's using FreeView which contains hundreds of channels, tivizen also works in many many more countries but I can't speak for them. When watching a TV channel the picture quality is superb even on a slightly dodgy signal, when watching on a car trip the picture will jump and hills seriously upset it but on a smooth motorway it's highly watchable.

Battery life is around three hours and to recharge the device you use a USB port. tivizen also works with the Mac and PC. But I think the tivizen is best suited to the iPhone, iPod touch and especially  the iPad.

Overall this is a must have purchase for anyone who likes watching TV, which includes pretty much everyone. The mobility of the tivizen is superb, it's light weight and very slim but also very stylish. The tivizen App works really well and is ridiculously easy to use!