Acase Superleggera Pro for iPhone 4 Review

Well I think you can all guess where the inspiration for this case has come from? Well if you haven't guessed it's from the OtterBox Defender Series for the iPhone.

The Acase Superleggera Pro currently just comes in the one color which is black. The case is made up of two layers. The first layer is similar to that of the original Acase Superleggera cases material. This is a very tough plastic covered in an anti smudge, finger print and scratch material, this layer has to be tough as its the exterior layer. The second layer of protection is made up of rubber, this is where the iPhone 4 sits. The two layers are very easy to connect with the iPhone 4 applied, it's literally a ten second process.

The coating that the outer layer has is really really good. I can place the case onto my wooden desk and if I apply a lot of force to make it seriously slide along the desk it won't hardly budge. This is definitely a big deal as the way the case translates into staying and feeling within the hands is tremendous.

The Superleggera Pro is very much like the OtterBox Defender Series for the iPhone 4 in terms of functionality. The volume rockers and sleep and wake button is covered in rubber for protection. The buttons are all still very easy, accessible and comfortable. The headphone jack and 30 pin connector are covered with rubber pull outs so dust ect doesn't enter when your not using those features. The speakers at the bottom of the phone as well as the camera are cut out completely within the case.

Protection is very serious with this Superleggera Pro. Huge drops won't be a problem due to the layering design, this allows for shock absorbance which takes the impact out of a drop. The case is a solid build also which contributes a lot. Scratches, bumps and average in the pocket use will just be shrugged of it's shoulders. The screen is of course completely bare but a screen protector is included within the box.

Overall I really liked the Acase Superleggera Pro. It's protection is superb, the functionality's great, it feels nice and comfy in the hands and the price point is crazy! The OtterBox Defender Series is still leading the pack in terms of protective cases for the iPhone 4 at present, but the amount you get from this case at it's price point compared is very impressive to say the least.