onanoff Magnum Earphones Review

The onanoff Magnum earphones are the premier earphones that onanoff offer, with a recommended retail price of £40. The build isn't too shabby, the cable is covered in a durable chord. It makes a huge change from the plastic which is found on nearly all earphones on the market but also stops them from tangling to the degree of plastic ones. The actual tips are enclosed in an aluminium alloy housing which hold the silicone tips at the ends (small, medium and large sizes included) which go into your ears. The overall quality is very high, these are definitely durable. We really liked the protruding edged tips, they make the earphones very easy to grip with our fingers and quickly remove from within the ears. They're comfortable to wear too, they feel airy and spacious when they're sitting in the ear canal and are reasonably good in the noise isolation department.

The Magnum's are completely compatible with the iPhone although will work with other devices. Featuring a built in microphone that can be used to accept incoming calls and can be used in conjunction with Siri. Quality of the microphone is satisfactory but could be upped a tad more considering these are dubbed as being premium earphones. The microphone is integrated into a clicker which functions in the same way as the Apple Earbuds clicker remote does. So you can pause and play your music without touching your device. I think onanoff could put a curve on this though so your finger has more of an idea of where it’s going, not like Apples Earbuds but a curve which your finger can glide along covered in a glass like material.

The ‘Magneat’ magnetic cable organiser allows your earphones cable to be wound around an open shell which slides apart. One part goes under your clothing and the other on top of your clothing and they magneticly attach to one another through your clothes, so you always have the cable neatly wrapped on your person, in theory anyway. We initially really liked the concept but when it came to using it we couldn’t be bothered, as we found it took too much time to wind up the cable. It would be be much more suited to busy, on-the-go-life styles if it wound up on a spring-like mechanic. But it does work and comes in many fashionable designs that can be seen on the onanoff website. 

The LoveJack feature is one of our favourites on the onanoff Magnums. Allowing you to share your music with your friends earbuds, earphones, headphones or even a speaker via what is essentially an audio splitter All they have to do is plug an auxiliary jack and then they are also listening to your music.

Audio quality is what this all boils down to and the onanoff Magnums don’t disappoint. Bass is deep and audio is rich and crisp throughout most popular genres. Volume can get very loud  Low to mid frequencies pack a decent punch and the the mid to highs offer great clarity. For a pair of earphones that have the RRP of £40 dubbed as being premium, they perform as well as expected. However they are for sale on Amazon.co.uk right now for £28.99 and that translation of sterling to bang is quite noteworthy.

Overall the onanoff Magnums are a good pair of earphones. They sport great audio quality and a nice array of additional features within the pricing spectrum.