onanoff Dock Minimal for iPhone and iPod Review

The onanoff Dock Minimal is designed for the iPhone primarily, but also works with iPod's and aims itself to be used quite literally with your device. Unlike most docks this will not only charge your iPhone on a desk but also allows you to use them in either landscape or portrait view. This is due to the razor straight edges alongside all it's sides.

It works well, but my only real gripe when using it like this is the fact that if I press with some force against the docked device it will make the onanoff dock unbalanced. So a little bit more weight should have been added to keep it sturdy.

The design is very simplistic and comes in four colous, black, pink, orange and white. We have the white and black. The straight edges and block colours really do make the docks look minimal.

It uses an Apple 30 pin cable to charge a device. This works by feeding a cable up through the dock. It's buried into the dock making it look as if it's built in. But I have experienced a huge flaw with this. It creates a 90 degree angle which snapped my cable within 24hrs of usage. The cable still works but the plastic covering snapped and who knows if the cable would get worse with a few months of usage. And I don't see anyway of avoiding it. If onanoff want the dock to be used and designed in this way, they should have included a cable with the dock that's suitable.

Overall this could have been a compelling docking solution for an iPhone and iPod. I really liked the viewing options of portrait and landscape and the quite literal Minimal design. But the misfortunate cabel issue strikes this one off from a recomending from us.