en&is MegaPhone Review

When we first saw this product we thought what a mad idea. Not in a bad way but in stunned way. en&is are making a very bold statement with this product and it has to live up to it’s purpose in more ways than one to make it a viable quirky Christmas gift this Holiday Season. 

Starting off with the design, we were blown away when confronted with it in person. It’s hand crafted in Italy with ceramic. By gosh, the quality is sensational. The precise craftsmanship put into making this, well it’s impressive. A wooden frame included sits the MegaPhone slightly raised in the air. The narrow neck traveling and curling down to the big open hole letting all the sound out, oozes character. A modern sculpture is what your really getting here and the colours it comes in are not to shabby either. With white, black and a very shiny gold which is slightly special because it includes a white interior. You could place the MegaPhone in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, garden, toilet, office, dining room . . . we think you get the point, it looks amazing anywhere. 

The top of the MegaPhone sits an iPhone but an iPod touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation, with an attached case could be used. The iPhone 4 or 4S sit very neatly on top and look quite at home when sitting in it too. So now you press play and the sound from your iPhone's speaker travels through the MegaPhone and amplifies itself along the way which is what we hear. Now that wooden stand mentioned earlier doesn’t just set the MegaPhone off in terms of design, it also serves a genuine useful function to let the device move around freely creating increased vibrations which in turn means more sound.

The sound quality given from the MegaPhone is satisfactory. It fills a room and adds a significant amount of bass and works exceptionally well with bluesy music as the YouTube demonstration videos of the product feature in the background. All music genres benefit from the MegaPhone though and I have a habbit of leaving my iPhone on shuffle as it’s so easy to use. It is rather impressive seeing something which doesn’t require any cables or buttons or batteries, to just work.

What en&is have created here is very admirable. A product which can be sat pretty much anywhere as an ornament, but also serves another purpose which is being a MegaPhone for your iPhone. We look forward to see what this organisation has in stall for us. If you'd like to purchase one for yourself click here.