Rally Master Pro 3D iPhone and iPad Game Review

Rally racing games have always been a little bit more interesting than the standard racer so Rally Master Pro 3D should be right up my street.

The game has three main modes career, time trail and adrenaline. Plus 27 tracks to race on in various weather conditions from rain to sun. Your driving will be totally different in the way you handle your car from the crazy mixture of different terrains and weather conditions shown from the tracks. This all adds to the fun and is what rally is all about. 

The only mode I played was the career and thats basically you driving your car around the track before the timer runs out. The quicker you pass the finish line the higher your reward which is either bronze, sliver, gold. This to me is time trials so i’m not sure what that mode will be like. Once you complete a race you unlock another ect ect. Because Fishlabs have implemented a damage system into Rally Master Pro 3D, if you smash and crash your car it will not just visually show but you will have to play a mini game to repair it for the next race.  Having a damaged car decreases performance also.

Controls are pretty simple, to steer you can either choose on screen touch controls or to use motion controls. I found the motion controls worked best for me and proved to be a lot more fun. The acceleration is controlled by an onscreen on the bottom right hand side, same with the brake. All the controls are fully customisable to suit you though.

Graphically this is really good. The different environments are well detailed and offer great textures, colors and lighting effects. Talking of lighting effects one of my favourite graphical elements in Rally master Pro has to be the way the sun light bounces of the cars windscreens. Little touches like this are seen with the weather conditions like when it’s raining and the drips gradually disappear of your screen. The physics are realistic too and the car damage systems in place don’t just add a nice bit of challenge and strategy it’s visually quite impressive too with dents and scuffs looking superb.

The main soundtrack is so retro rally which is always a good thing in my book. Engines revs, different terrains when driven on and overall sounds are spot on too. The only element of sound which really got on my nerves a little was the in car instructor who tells you what the next corner will be and how to take it just like in real rally. But this guy just gets so irritating for some reason, i’m sure you can turn him off.

Overall Rally Master Pro 3D is one of the best Rally games on the App Store. Plus you only have to buy one version which can be played on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Great graphics, nice sound, really fun realistic gameplay and ton to do, Rally Master Pro 3D ticks all the boxes for a great Rally game.