iAmBeatBox iPhone App Review

I have tried many music making App's on the iPhone/ iPad and most have impressed me such as the pocket pianos and drum kits all the way up to Ocarinas. I AM BEAT BOX appears to be very simple to use but at the same time delivers great sounds for our ears. 

The App is designed in a very simplistic way so anyone can just download from the App Store and begin using within seconds. You are presented with four iconic diamonds which you drag out with your finger onto the grid separated into boxes which indicate different beats ect. The diamonds all produce different beats and atmosphere music when dragged into the grids as you can see in the video below. 

You can move the diamonds pretty much anywhere at any speed and all sound coming out will be marvellous which makes me feel good but that may not be to everyones taste. The library is jammed pack with tons of different loops, beats, vocals and instruments to play with all adding to the fun. The developer recently updated the App so it now includes the ability to record what your playing which is very very cool. Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to get them from the App onto Macs or anywhere else which would be a nice addition. So for the time being you will have to show your songs up on the iPhone.

Overall for something that comes in a free version and a pay version with the difference between the two being adverts and one less diamond to play with you may as well go for the free version which comes with ads that don't dominate the screen. It's fantastic fun!