Bailout Wars iPhone Game Review

Are you angry with CEO’s and bankers? Would you like to take that anger from within yourself while on the sofa? Well if you do want to offshore that anger, take a look at Bailout Wars.

Bailout Wars developed by Gameloft is a parody of the global meltdown specifically themed within the US at the White House. You the player have to protect the taxes stashed within the White House from the greedy bankers who need it for bailouts. You get rid of these bankers by swinging them into the air with your finger on the iPhone and shooting them also helps to decrease the vast arrays from getting even close to that money.

The more waves of bankers that approach the White House, the rapidider they get, with them eventually displaying special abilities like using their suit cases to drift to the ground without dying and some also find themselves running with great speed. The dreaded CEO approaches every once in a while which can be quite a challenge to get rid, especially when the number of them is two or more.

Luckily you can have extra defences which can be upgraded like Uncle Sam’s weaponry who is the most powerful. The game is basically a modern twist on tower defence but is hugely refreshing from just plopping your towers in a maze waiting for enemies to walk past instead you're a lot more interactive with the gameplay.

The touch controls work great and are super accurate which comes in useful for when you want to embarrass a banker by shaking all his clothes off by waving your finger side to side.

The graphics look colourful. It looks like all the graphic art is hand drawn, a nice touch. Gameplay is also smooth and doesn't lag when dozens of enemy bankers are on screen.

The soundtrack is very ironic and the sound of the bankers when they hit the ground always makes me giggle.

Overall I would recommend Bailout Wars for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It will give all casual and hardcore gamers a quick dose of fun especially fans of the tower defence genre.