PBA Bowling 2 iPhone Game Review

Bowling is one of the most universal video games we have now, thanks to Wii Sports. Because of this many video game developers have tried to crack it on the App Store. In result of this we have seen some really creative spins on bowling for the iPhone and iPad like ‘Downhill Bowling’ one of my personal favourites. But PBA 2 could be the Wii Sports Bowling for the iPhone.

PBA bowling stands for Professional Bowling association which is an official term for bowling like NBA, NFL or Fifa are official with other sports. I have never seen PBA on TV and probably wouldn't ever watch it if I knew it was on. Because of this I don't know any of the game developers included top bowling players from all around the world.

PBA Tournament is the mode I played, it's kind of like the career mode if you will. When you lose to an opponent you will have to start from the beginning which I found a little rough considering I could put so much time into playing on occasion. This is a really complaint I have and I think it would be better if you could retry playing the opponent from the beginning of that particular bowling session instead of going all the way back to the start of the tournament.

The controls are very simple, you can position the bowling ball from wherever you want on the line and then to bowl you can either swipe your finger on screen or use the accelerometer and pretend to bowl your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. I found that swiping my finger gave a lot more accuracy over a flick of the device. You can even apply a little spin on the ball by tilting your iDevice left and right, which got me out of some tricky situations. The controls aren't awkward like some other bowling games within the App Store and once I spent some time with them, I could rack up those strikes.

The lane looks beautiful with it’s crisp reflections of the environment around. The skittles or bowling balls have noticeably good lighting and shadow effects when they get knocked over and the frame rate of all this and when the ball is traveling towards them is very smooth.

The sound effects are a little confusing and random at times. With an applause from the virtual audience coming before I even bowl my ball. The intro tune for each game is really upbeat and gets you in the mood but it ends within 15 seconds, it would be great if it was on a loop. The sound of the pins being knocked into by the ball is all very realistic and top quality though.

Overall PBA Bowling 2 is one of the cheapest bowling games in the App Store being only 99c/ 59p. I would recommend to anyone wanting a good big bowling title for their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad but for a little price. It’s an all in one iPad and iPhone game so you don't have to buy two separate versions for each device.