iBomber 2 Review

For those who have never played the original iBomber for the iPhone the concept is simple. You as a player are flying a plane which has a birds eye view of the ground below, this is a destructible world where you fire bombs upon. Below are tanks, missiles and enemy HQ’s and most of them try taking your plane down by attacking it. Your mission is to blow up the target amount of enemy infrastructure allocated at the beginning of each mission. So you may be asked to bomb four anti air units into the ground and shatter a tank, once you've completed your requirements you'll proceed to the next mission. 

The first noticeable difference about iBomber 2 over the first version are the graphics. The first game had very charming cartoony looking graphics but this builds upon that. The detail amongst buildings and terrain is very smooth looking without a jagged pixel in sight. The colours all seen a lot more vibrant with more depth in contrast and brightness.

iBomber 2 features a whole new array of weapons which you still pick up from totalled buildings such as smoke markers and carpet bombs and you can also call in artillery strikes. All of the old weapons from the first game are still here as well. The defence system in iBomber 2 has changed for the better with two fighter escort planes flying each side of your plane taking most of the damage for you, obtaining this is the same as weapons. This I found very useful in areas covered with highly destructive enemies. 

The controls are identical to the first but their is a lot more customisation to be had which is never a bad thing usually. Cobra Mobile have also included an alternative control scheme where you touch the radar in the direction you want to fly in. A control scheme that makes the game unplayable but the original tilt controls are spot on and feel very natural when used. Tilting further away from you the faster the plane and tilting closer towards you slower the plane same goes. Turning left and right you simply tilt in the corresponding directions. The slower the player is the more precision the player has when dropping bombs but when going fast you may find it hard to get your target spot on. Their is only one on screen button which is the bombs away button and to collect shields and different bombs from the rubble you just tap on them and they are delivered to your inventory leaving you to choose when you'd like to use a weapon, something that wasn't present in the first game.

The music is very epic feeling a lot like N.O.V.A. The music is created to a great high production quality and goes hand in hand with the game. The actual sound effects help you adapt to the environment very quickly making you more engaged within the game which isn’t found in many iPhone and iPad titles at this price.

Overall the game was most enjoyable and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a budget arcade blaster to definitely check out. Don’t be worried if you haven't played the first iBomber entry because their is nothing you will get from that title, which you won’t get from this.