Ankh: The Lost Treasures iPhone Game Review

Ankh: The Lost Treasures is a prequel to the Mac and PC version of the game. Ankh is a Monkey Island hidden object type game. Those who have never played Monkey Island or a game of this genre watch our gameplay video below to see what it's all about.

The story is absolutely amazing without revealing any spoilers their is quirky characters and dialog throughout the game making it very pleasant to play. The story does not get in the way of the game at all, it sits along side the gameplay in a very integrated and fluent manner. 

The actual gameplay can be very challenging at times and like most games it gets progressively difficult as you progress. Ankh: The Lost Treasures main gameplay is looking for hidden objects which at times can be stupidly hard, but when you find an object you have been looking for during a straight twenty minute session it is insanely satisfying. Their are also jigsaw puzzles for you to complete which I also really enjoyed doing.

The graphics are beautiful with hand drawn environments. You can really see a huge amount effort put into the detail of the objects, jigsaws and overall environments. 

The controls are literally you just tapping your finger on the objects and pieces of jigsaw. If you want to have a closer inspection of the objects just pinch like you do across the board on all iPhone and iPad Apps to zoom in and out. Very simple and easy to use controls executed in precise way.

The music is another nice element to Ankh: The Lost Treasures. The music is at a top quality. The ambient music sits just like the story amongst the gameplay where all the elements intertwine with one another delivering a rich wholesome experience.

Overall Ankh: The Lost Treasures is a fantastic title on the App Store but the price is $5.99. In my opinion that is way to expensive for this game. Yes it packs a lot of content and enjoyment but I see a huge amount of users overlooking this game due to the price tag. If it was half the price it stands a good chance of entering the top ten in the App Store and the fans of Ankh will most probably buy The Lost Treasures anyway disregarding the price altogether. So take a look at Ankh: The Lost Treasures and the price will probably come down over time.