Traffic Rush iPhone Game Review

Traffic Rush is a fun addictive simple game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The idea is to get cars across the road through a four way inter junction without them crashing into each other which sounds pretty simple but it's the complete opposite. The more cars you get through the more that come through and it becomes extremely difficult but very addictive. You use your finger to control everything. Swipe a vehicle to make it go faster, tap to make it stop.
Tapping is usually never a good idea in my experience because it ends up in pile ups and you having to start from the very beginning. I just franticly swipe every vehicle I can see and hope it gets to the other side without crashing. It’s so brilliantly simple but so brilliantly addictive at the same time. Donut Games have released an update which includes online leader boards which is definitely a worthy new feature, so now your franticly swiping your finger across the screen against the world. It is a must have App if you need to kill some time.