Sailboat Championship Pro iPhone Game Review


Sailboat Championship Pro is a pretty unique game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. 

As you can tell from the title this game is all about sailing. You sail a boat with a birds eye view in the sea around obstacles against the clock. You have three times to beat, each of the three times represents a bronze cup, silver cup and gold cup, obtaining any of these can be a challenge. 

When your sailing your little boat around the developers have incorporated currents in the sea. These can be in and out your favour, sometimes the current will be going in the exact same direction as you so it will speed you up. I also find myself trying to trick it, if the current is going diagonally against my boat I will attempt to use that in my advantage by steering into it which helps me go faster, you have to be able to control it though. Wind also plays an identical factor in all this as well. 

As you progress through the levels you will earn XP which can be spent on boats and can open up new levels to be played. Despite all this I felt levels to get very repetitive and slow, I think keen sailors would love this game but I don’t share any interest with it. When fist playing Sailboat Championship Pro I thought this is very clever unique idea which I hadn’t seen before on the iPhone and iPad and was looking forward to new elements as I progress but I just didn't find it happening.

The controls are very cool indeed though, iDreams have stuck a pirate ship steering wheel (I know there must be a correct name for it but it’s late). It works really well, you turn it using your finger and it’s very sensitive which is good.

The graphics look great for what it is, more effects and textures, shadows wouldn’t go a miss however. The animation of the boat and sea is very good but the cartoony aspect of it which is what the dev is aiming for I believe, could be done better. But sea/ water is very difficult to animate. 

The sound of the sea and the boat traveling is all done excellently. I got a little bored of the sea noises ect after a while but you can play the music within your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone a feature that should be available in all games for the iPhone and iPad.

Overall Sailboat Championship Pro is very fun when first played but gets very dull after a while. Hardcore and casual gamers can both find something here due to the challenge. For sailors and sailing fans I think this is for you but the price of $2.99 is a bit much I think $1.99 would be fairer.