Toffee Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5s Review

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Toffee Flip Wallet is a smartphone case aimed at those people who like to merge a wallet and a phone case. The model we're reviewing is for the iPhone 5/5s, but a variant for other smartphones, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, are available.


What we really admire about this case is its design character. Toffee have incorporated aspects familiar to classic wallets such as the check or spot interior lining and a textured genuine milled leather exterior, available in brown, black or red, and topped off with visible stitching in contrasting white for all colours of the Flip Wallet. It's a sophisticated and well made case, with rustic attitude, and we like it.

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Wallet Functionality

The 'wallet' section of the case is found on the left hand side upon opening it. There are five slots to accommodate five credit cards; however we managed to squeeze two cards into the highest slots. Underneath these is an open pocket for tucking away things like receipts and cash. If you carry more than five to seven cards and are heavily reliant on cash this won't fit your lifestyle. But for people like us, who are cash light and carry roughly six cards, it's a perfect solution to remove a traditional wallet from our lives. As we get into the routine of using phone case wallets like the Toffee Flip Wallet case, we also realise how much quicker it is to pay for things in stores and online. We always have our phone on us and so this means we always have our payment method on us too.

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iPhone Functionality

On the first time of popping our iPhone into the case's hard shell, we were faced with a tight squeeze that defeated us. We couldn't quite get both edges of our phone squarely into the Toffee Flip Wallet within the first few days of using the case. But then, after a week had passed, the plastic hard shell stretched by a minute amount and our phone was snug. The plus side of this process is that our iPhone is reassuringly secure. The rear view camera has a wide cutout within the case, this we liked as no light was discouraged from entering into the lens, making for optimum photos. The left hand side of the plastic shell has cutouts for the volume controls and mute switch; which could be a little awkward to use if you have big fingers. However, the top and bottom of the case are completely cut out, allowing un-intruded access to the sleep/wake button, audio jack, microphone and speaker.

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The folio design of the case can be halted from springing open by an elastic strap. So if you drop your phone within the Flip Wallet, it will have near to 360 degree protection both from everyday to more severe impacts. Having used the Toffee Flip Wallet Case for a good few weeks whilst doing basic everyday things like walking, sitting down and even docking it, we can conclude that we have generally enjoyed using this case. Actually holding this folio styled case is less fidgety for prolonged times, because the front of the case doesn't just flap about, but instead magnetically secures itself to the back of the case. And of course, the bottom of the case is cut out so its little trouble to hook up accessories into the lightning port.

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In summary, it does make a lot of sense to purchase a folio case with wallet functionality if you're going with this style of phone case anyway, and the Toffee Flip Wallet is a good, stylish and reliable example of such a case.

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