Arctic Car Charger 7200 Review

Arctic Car Charger 7200 USB Ports

USB chargers for the car are nothing new, but what makes the Car Charger 7200 from Arctic worth talking about is its three individual USB 2.0 ports, more suited for families and tech savvy couples. 


The Arctic Car Charger 7200 is exclusively an all black product, so it integrates into most cars pretty subtly as darker interiors are most commonly found. For us, and many other people, it’s extremely important that things that plug into the 12V cigarette lighter socket don’t protrude too far; this is for sheer safety, as ours is closely located to the gear stick. This product extends past the top of the lighter port by around 2cm, so it really didn't interfere with our driving at all. Its low and tight profile also meant that whilst driving on less smooth terrains it didn't become intermittent.

Arctic Car Charger 7200 USB Ports


First thing to strike off the list of questions that we had, was could this actually charge thirsty devices such as three iPads simultaneously? After doing just this we discovered that it absolutely could, as the technical bottleneck is 7,200mA. Not only were we happy with the number of devices we could charge, but also the speed they charged. Arctic have integrated a smart system where each USB port independently regulates the flow of electricity, producing an optimised and correct speed of charge for each device. Consequently we noted that charging times were about the same as using a wall outlet and, neatly, charging will automatically stop once the battery is full.

Arctic Car Charger 7200 Charging 3 Devices


Small but proudly powerful and useful when on the road and running low on power. A great low cost (£11.99) option for families and tech savvy peeps who don’t have integrated USB ports or want to add some more to the car.