Arctic Charger Pro 4 Review

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Every night we charge ours and possibly family members' phones, tablets and other gadgets simultaneously via many wall chargers and plugs to get us through the awakening day. But isn't all that fumbling around to locate and plug in the chargers too much hassle just before nodding off to sleep. Well if you think so, we have a product which removes the need of four individual wall chargers and moulds them into one.

This is the Arctic Charger Pro 4, it has two high speed USB 2.0 female inputs identified as orange and two slower USB female inputs. We've used it consecutively every night for about a month and have grown to enjoy the organised efficiency it encourages. We never managed to charge four devices consecutively because it couldn't draw enough charge from its 2.5A. We used the Charger Pro 4 to charge an iPad and two iPhones every night and the length of time it takes to charge the devices appeared to be identical to when using the official Apple USB wall chargers. If we had used devices that absorbed less of an electrical transfer rate, then possibly we could have achieved charging four devices simultaneously, but that wouldn't have painted a picture of our real-world usage experiences. Being able to charge three devices that would normally have been charged individually, and all from a single wall plug, still simplifies things but four devices of this nature charging throughout the night would have been highly welcome to see.

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When charging this many devices from one plug, safety is a concern. But Arctic have built in short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection to extinguish risk. If too much power is being demanded, which is something we ran into when trying to charge another USB device with our three already plugged in, the orange LED flashes. When it's charging regularly the orange LED will emit continuous light..

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The body of the Arctic Charger Pro 4 is a grey with orange soft to touch rubber, it's solid and doesn't mind being thrown from the wall and onto the floor in hazy early mornings. Its shape is similar to the Apple MacBook's type wall plugs, and its functionality is also reminiscent of them too. This functionality includes the ability to interchange the wall pins. In the box are UK, EU and USA compatible adapters which slide on and off the Arctic Pro 4 plug with ease. It's also supplied with a fabric carry bag, so you travel around the world with everything in one place.the

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Overall we did find the ability to charge three devices via USB 2.0 simultaneously highly beneficial, the missing fourth could be achieved if the electrical amp threshold is upped. The included adapters and carry bag also portray a handy worldly travel companion.

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