SodaStream Power Review

SodaStream Power

The SodaStream Power is on paper everything you would want in a model: The newer SodaStream design generation, a speedy snap lock bottle mechanism and three automated fizz levels. With the latter aspect it manages to boast a lower price over the previous less glamorous Revolution model which was the first to offer the automated fizz. But is the automation really worth any extra money at £149.99 UK & $149.99 USA?


Power doesn't just rest within the body of this new SodaStream, it is exhibited by the design too, which follows in the footsteps of the Source and Play by Yves Behar. The startling optional white or black plastic front, rear brushed aluminium accented body and modernist top LED display is without doubt our favourite looking of all the five different SodaStream models we’ve had to review. It just roars out on the kitchen worktop and looks smugly sleek at every angle; yes, even from behind. Practical as it is well sculpted, it sports seriously gripped rubber feet, and upright dimensions that are well balanced so your pets don't go knocking it onto the floor whenever they jump up. A disadvantage worth keeping in mind is that the Power requires just what the name implies - it needs to be plugged into an electric wall socket. So we can’t take this model outside for a picnic.

SodaStream Power Rear View Carbonator

Modes & Fizz Test

Just like the SodaStream Fizz and Source models this has the snap lock bottle mechanism so the bottle doesn't have to be screwed on, and it also has three different fizz levels, now indicated with white LEDs. Contrastingly the Power is different because it achieves every level of desired fizz with the press of one of three buttons on top of the appliance and then proceeds to automatically carbonate the 1 litre of water in a very algorithmic manner. This has definitely taken the already aesthetic coolness of the carbonating process to a new visual level!

SodaStream Power Fizz Level Buttons

In the past we felt that different SodaStream models offered very small differences in the level of fizz produced, and nowadays, with the newer generations, they all seem to perform nearly identically. We particularly enjoy SodaStream over pre-bottled carbonated water as it allows you to tweak the level of bubbles in your drink. The SodaStream Power, however, achieves this better than any previous model we’ve used. We tested all three levels of fizz; the first is lightly sparkling and the second is around 40%-50% less fizzy when compared to the very top level of extreme fizz. We tend to prefer the second level because the drink mixes taste a lot sweeter, with an overall richer flavour, when the the level of fizz is less intense - which explains the obvious reason as to why so much sugar is used in standard off-the-shelf carbonated beverages.

Healthier Flavours Taste Test

SodaStream used to champion the positive environmental aspects of their ecosystem over pre-bottled drinks. Now they seem to understand that for the public to take the ecosystem absolutely seriously, their flavours need to be respectably healthier. SodaStream, in a bold effort, appear finally to be including Europe in their radical ingredients overhaul that has already taken place within the USA and within other countries, too. So now you will no longer find health damaging aspartame in the flavour lineup, or artificial preservatives. Colourings too, seem to be getting flushed out gradually. From our sampling of three of the new flavours: Dr Pete, Cream Soda and Passion Fruit Mango, we all agreed that these are most authentic tasting when compared to the staple brands and flavours we’re familiar with, and now there’s no horrible dry aftertaste from the aspartame. We've been really enjoying the Passion Fruit Mango within the natural ‘Waters’ range, which was a grand slam of warm fruity refreshing sparkles, and we shouldn't neglect to mention that Dr Pete tasted identical to the old Dr Pepper UK recipe (although sadly now regular Dr Pepper oddly incorporates aspartame). With each flavour retailing for £3.99, it works out at 44p a litre. This is significantly cheaper than the offering from Pepsi and Coca Cola. But the biggest distinction is that we can actually adjust the strength of the fizz.

SodaStream Power Adding Flavour To Bottle


Collate all the advancements found within the different SodsStream models that we’ve used over the years and you have the SodaStream Power. A stylish and simple to use appliance that every soda lover will want gleaming charmingly on their worktop. SodaStream, this is your best one yet!

Five Stars