SodaStream Fizz Review

The SodaStream Fizz distinguishes itself within the SodaStream machine lineup by having a 'Fizz Chip' built in. This new technology essentially means the machine will report back how much gas is left in its cylinder and will also display the strength of fizz via an LED display located on the top of the machine.

The Fizz strikes a design that is bold and harmonious. We liked the rounded edges and the two toned elements, which work especially well with the thrusting seven available colours; chili red, blue, green, white silver, limited edition pearl cream, black and pink. Our chilli red version looks very fetching. Each colour travels along the top and rear of the unit and this is contrasted by a silver white which runs along the base and front of every colour scheme. Our chilli red variant is dashing and the tone of the red makes the Fizz stand out within a kitchen.

The first setup step to perform with every SodaStream machine when removed from its box is to insert the carbonation Co2 cylinder. This is easily and quickly achieved via unclipping the removable back panel plate and screwing in the carbonation bottle into the unit, taking no longer than 30 seconds to do. The Co2 cylinder equipped is capable of carbonating up to 60 litres of water, the LED display which reports the reading of the Fizz Chip shows how many litres of carbonation remain. This we found to be of a genuine beneficial use; it allows users who frequently use a SodaStream to know when to order a gas cylinder before it runs out, so they're not left empty handed with no fizzy goodness.

Unlike the SodaStream Crystal, which we have reviewed in the past, that carbonates water within a glass bottle inside the unit, this carbonates the water via a plastic bottle outside the unit. The visibility of seeing the carbonation of water is more of a novelty via this method but does require longer preparation to setup in comparison to the Crystal. This is because the plastic bottle has to be screwed onto the unit; the procedure is made as easy to do as possible via a slider which rises the carbonation nozzle so the bottle can be screwed on at a 45 degree angle. Once the bottle is securely screwed on a black slider on the front of the unit can be pressed down and the SodaStream will carbonate the water within the bottle. The bottle does have a supplied screw cap which does work in securing the fizz for prolonged time.

Now the Fizz Chip technology is the headline feature of the SodaStream Fizz and we've already reported on its ability to track how much gas is left in the cylinder. However, its second ability provides helpful information each time it's used; we're talking about it reporting just how fizzy the water is. Three images on the right of the LED display indicate the level of fizz via an arrow on the screen popping up and pointing to one of them. Whether you're someone who wants a mild fizz or an extreme one, this will prove its worth quickly.

The amount of SodaStream flavours available today is hugely diverse in comparison to when the machine first relaunched. Over 50 flavours are for sale within the UK and even more within the USA. From the flavours we've sampled we'd have to give SodaStream the thumbs up in terms of taste and accuracy to the main brand flavours. The energy drink flavour is near identical to that of Red Bull. Dandelion and burdock, tastes like a good off the shelf dandelion and burdock. The syrup caps measure the suggested amount of syrup needed to fill the entire bottle or to fill a single glass for a smaller serving. The ability to add your own syrup means you can adjust the strength of a particular flavour to your liking, something which is impossible to do with pre-bottle fizzy drinks.

Probably one the most overlooked facts that is true of all the SodaStream machines currently available at the time of writing is that they don't require electricity to carbonate water. This provides the freedom to use and take the SodaStream Fizz anywhere. We found ourselves taking the Fizz outside frequently to enjoy carbonated drinks on hot sunny days. The reason we do this is because it doesn't weigh very much, at 3kg.

To sum up this review we had to contemplate whether the SodaStream Fizz is worth £129.99 & $179.99, although both are available through our Amazon links below at £83.99 & $129.99. The Fizz Chip technology works and is something we'd like to see implemented into all SodaStream machines one day, however, that isn't the present scenario. So if you feel the technology would be beneficial to you, maybe paying a little less than double that of the baseline SodaStream machine, if purchased through Amazon, may seem fair.