Method Simple - Simple Contour Pillow Review

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Obtaining a comfortable position to rest your head in whilst on a plane or watching TV can be a struggle when awake, but when asleep you don't always realise that you're not comfortable until you awake with severe neck ache. That's why Method Simple have attempted to forge a purpose made solution called the Simple Contour Pillow.


The Simple Contour Pillow may look a little unusual but wouldn't generate the same degree of inquisitive interest on an aeroplane as the Ostrich Pillow, which makes it more accessible and possibly less embarrassing for everyone. Its shape when laid flat reminds us of a horse saddle. The rear side, which will rest against the surface you're lying against, is covered in a durable and easy to clean rubber. The interior, where the back of the head rests, is coated in a soft fabric (available in Brown, Royal Blue, Sage Green, Royal Purple and Silver) and below this area is where the neck rests and it's coated in breathable mesh material.

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There is a built-in pump that allows inflation of an internal air chamber via a rubber button, and deflation via a smaller plastic one. Initially we brushed this off as a bit of a novelty, but it actually offers additional support and comfort, becoming particularly useful when on a bumpy car journey as the inflation acts as a shock absorber.


We've used the Simple Pillow in many scenarios and it definitely offers uncomplicated head and neck support. Method Simple have used thoughtful design techniques to ensure that the pillow supports your neck and head in comfort when asleep upright and reclined, without allowing the head to slide to the side. This keeps the body aligned in its natural position which is very important for those who already suffer from neck and back aches. We didn't have any complaints on awaking or getting up after resting whilst using the Simple Pillow, we felt refreshed and free of any aches or pains.

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The many different ways you can use the Simple Contour Pillow are diverse. You can use it in a car, on a plane, lying on a couch, lying on a bed. Basically wherever you can lay your head you'll likely be able to use the Simple Pillow. And Method Simple have included a travel bag, to make sure you can use and take it everywhere.


Overall the Simple Contour Pillow is an intelligently designed product that anyone could make use of; it keeps your head and neck reliably supported in comfort whilst reclined. Those who suffer from neck and back aches and pains could find this to be a new lease of life.

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