Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 Review

Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000

Energy for our devices, specifically smartphones and tablets, is requisite when venturing in lands beyond wall-plug sockets. In such uncertain circumstances it's nice to have the Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 by our side. It's a premium level universal battery pack aimed towards outdoorsy types, with 9000mAh of capacity, that proved enough to recharge an iPhone 6 four times. 

Durability & Design

As a product that focuses on a design to withstand submergence in water, it sports a thick rubber casing that adds substantial durability on land too. We weren’t all that surprised about the strength of the product's 200g build, as similar characteristics have been witnessed routinely on most of the Xtorm products we review. We can drop the Xtrom Waterproof Power Bank onto rocks from a metre without breaking into a panic about the outer casing cracking and it’s easy to wipe or wash clean, too. Furthermore, the black and orange casing that moulds over the straight edge free body, is thoughtfully designed, especially as it’s comfortably pocketable.

Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 In Rain

Waterproof Testing

Throwing caution to the wind we instantly demanded to see if the Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000’s internals are indeed protected from liquid (IP66 rating). To this end we arrogantly propelled the charger into a pool of water, leaving it submerged for 12 minutes. Upon taking it out of the water and undoing the flap, we revealed bone dry ports; we then plugged in an iPhone and, after a press of the single button on the device to initiate charging, hey presto, it worked! Our only initial concern was that with frequent usage the flap covering the charging ports could become easily detached, but it hasn't shown any signs of doing so from two months of usage. During this time the Xtorm charger has met with various liquids and all that the general outdoor environment can throw at it, and to date it has reassuringly kept moisture and dust out whilst continuing to charge our devices.

Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 Back View

Charging & IO

To use the Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank a press on the lone button will initiate or stop charging and it will also present an LED 4 bar readout of the charge level. Port-wise it has a single micro-USB input (2A) and a USB 2.0 output (5V 2.1A). In terms of charging speed we saw no obvious differences between the USB 2.0 output and using the supplied Apple wall plug with our iPhones. Tablets seemingly charged a little slower than they do via a typical wall outlet. Being able to charge devices that demand high electrical transfer rates, coupled with the power stored, really make this a versatile charger that is capable of delivering a full charge to an iPhone 6 (1,810 mAh), with enough remaining juice to roughly charge an iPad Air 2 to 70% before the Xtorm is flat (an efficiency of roughly 75%). The biggest restriction we felt was that the Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank has a plentiful capacity for modern day weekend trippers, yet we can't charge 2 devices simultaneously.

Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 USB Ports


With a resilient casing that shrugs off impacts and a seriously effective waterproof design, Xtrom have produced an essential outdoor endurance charger in the Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000. If you’re someone who is partial to being in and near water, or are perhaps heading in the direction of the wet stuff this summer, this product would be well worth considering.

Four Stars