Qubing Shelving Review

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The simple cube is a shape that applies itself in an array of ways in our day to day lives. Shelving is an area where it's used avidly, and the modern square shelving units are exceptionally popular at present. The likes of Ikea only help to push this trend with affordable self assembled styled shelves. We're no strangers to self assembled furniture but are always intrigued with new and faster methods of constructing said ventures. For this reason we were in high anticipation to get the award winning Qubing modular furniture system concept which requires no tools to assemble.


Qubing is a self assembling, no boundaries in size, modular shelving system. Every recycled polystyrol square waterproof hard panel is available in a rainbow of colours and the shelving system has many accessories such as doors and internal dividers. We opted to have an all white three box Qubing system with no internal accessories. The Qubing website actually allows you to build a 3D model, to help you visualise exactly what you want. This element of the site works brilliantly and definitely provides customers with greater confidence and knowledge.


The process to assemble our three boxes took around seven minutes. This is startlingly quick and can be achieved with just one person. Each panel connects via clips; simply insert two clips into a panel and then attach a panel onto the one with extruding clips and repeat, build as tall and wide as you desire. Each shelving row requires one cube to have a back panel equipped for rigidity. This method of construction is quick and very flexible, it allows you to design how you want the Qubing system to look and function. If you want to expand at any point, simply go to the Qubing website and purchase more panels.

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The structure that these create is outstandingly strong. Initially we noticed that the Qubing shelving was lacking in rigidity, because all we had to do was gently shake the unit and it would wobble. But this is because we didn't equip a back panel, which holds the shelving so that it's rigid. Once items are placed within the shelving, its shape and rigidity is unchanged. The build quality of the panels and system of construction is fantastic, and the final product, once it's all put together, boldly meets the already established benchmarks. Also available are wall mounting clips, but are not an option you can jump into lightly if you plan on moving the shelving around.

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Storage & Design

We've been using our Qubing shelving for about two months here at our studio and they've functioned well. Using it to store things like DVDs, video games, magazines, books, gadgets, and even a cleverly balanced Penny Nickel Skateboard. The back and front of one of our shelves is completely open, and would make a great wall divider in our studio or we could have placed them within an open area, but we decided to place them against a wall. With three cubes assembled it was fairly easy to slide the shelves around with their contents still on board. We can't argue with the Qubing shelving design. They look good once they're assembled. We opted for an all white look and it suits our studio perfectly. The square box look is organic and feels effortless, which suits living and office environments well.

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To sum up the Qubing shelving system, it's charmingly simple and quick to put together. It's heavily customisable design and colour options make sure you can tailor the furniture to your preference. And the finished shelves are functional, rigid and wholesomely delicious in visual design terms.

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