BiGR Audio Madison Avenue Headphones Review

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Before trying the headphones on we were immediately impressed with the presentation of this product's packaging! The headphones came in a beautiful bamboo box, engraved on the front with the wording Madison Avenue and the name BiGR Audio on the back, a highly special touch to the product itself. Inside the box, we find the headphones (available in black or white) and a bamboo bag for taking them on journeys.

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Comfort & Folding

Once we tried them on, we found a split opinion about their comfortability within the studio. The guys found them to be a bit tight and stiff for an on-ear pair of headphones, whereas the girls liked their discrete design and found them to be comfortable. This must be because males have larger heads. Of course, you can adjust the BiGR Audio Madison Avenue headphones, via the retractable headband and rotatable ear cups, for a more tailored fit for your head, making them not too tight. One thing we liked straight away with these headphones was the compact design that allows the ear cups to be completely folded flat, which also made them perfect to store within a handbag, coupled with their solid build quality.

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The actual design of the headphones themselves are, in our opinion, very stylish and well suited to the Madison Avenue branding, with a luxurious quilted leather headband and ear cups that feature chrome rings. The headphone's headband and ear cushions are lined in ultra-soft breathable material which we find comfortable sitting on our heads and against our ears. We also think the style is preferable for a woman rather than a guy; from the cross stitched styled pattern to the tight fit of the headphones.

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Cable, Microphone & Remote

The headphones have a nice long thick rubber cable measuring 6ft in length, and along the cable is a remote switch with a built-in call and answer button and microphone. The remote rocker features three buttons, allowing you to operate pause & play, skip tracks, activate Siri and adjust the volume. We found this simple and easy to use and is handy on an everyday basis. We tested the microphone and it produced great audio which was crisp and clear although volume was low. At the end of the cable is a gold plug auxiliary connect that is angled to shield the cable from breaking from constant usage.

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BiGR Audio have presented these headphones in a very sophisticated and detailed manner, so we were anticipating hearing the same sophistication from the audio and we were not disappointed. The Madison Avenue headphones produced a great sound experience and we were very impressed with its sonic ability. One thing worth noting is that these headphones sound better and better over time, BigR Audio state this on their website as the 'breaking in' period and we think we've listened to them enough to hear them at their best.

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We have noticed that the punchy bass has become deeper and deeper over time, with a style that leans more to a live performance. The mid range can occasionally be a little muddy, as with busy tracks such as 'I Write Sins not Tragedies' by 'Panic at the Disco', but generally it is distinguishable. The highs are pretty sharp, and get up there and play nicely with acoustic tracks such as 'The Only Expectations' by 'Paramore'. So generally the Madison Avenue headphones are clear and precise when it comes to quality. We also didn't notice any distortion, even when volume was high, and with these phones it can get very loud! The soundstage isn't overly impressive, songs with many instruments and other elements can be dissected though. For a pair of highly compact on-ear headphones as opposed to over-ear headphones, they perform quite well. With little sound leakage and good sound isolation in the process.

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We sum up the BiGR Audio Madison Avenue Headphones as well designed and greatly stylish, perfect for everyday use. The build, features and ample audio quality deliver a great package for females on the go.

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