WeSC Banjo Headphones Review

My first impressions of the WeSC Banjo headphones were that they look very stylish. The exterior body of the speakers is a made up of a hard round matte plastic and a soft rope like material covers the headband and soft cushions are used on the interior speakers. All these design elements come together to make a very comfortable and well built pair of headphones. Of course a huge variety of colours are available too, check the Amazon links below to see availability.

The speaker cups are adjustable both left and right using a slider. As I've previously mentioned these are very comfortable headphones and I think that's mainly because they aren't bulky, everything is small and compact and I really appreciate this. I know some like the big bulky headphones but I'm just not into that. I think the smaller compact designs are far less noticeable to yourself and others.

The 3.5mm cable is a good length and is just long enough to plug into a backpack containing an iPod, something I frequently do. Along the cable is a clicker control with inbuilt microphone. I found the clicker control to be very disappointing in comparison to functionality offered from other headphones. You can pause and play music along with the ability of going back to the previous track but no volume control is apparent. The lack of this feature is a huge annoyance and something that really gets in the way of your listening experience. 

The 3.5mm audio connector is gold plated, I've seen this addition many times on headphones and it doesn't seem to make the slightest bit of difference in audio quality. Having said that the audio quality has a nice amount of clarity but instruments and individual elements within the tracks are a bit too on top of each other at times. The bass isn't heavy but more subtle and jazzy. Volume can be turned all the way up without becoming muffled, however you don't get the feeling that it's ever too loud. The stereo output isn't too obvious either which goes along with my previous point of the instruments and elements of tracks being on top of each other. 

For a sub £60 pair of headphones the audio performs well. With the addition of a sleek, stylish, comfortable and robust design. The WeSC Banjo's offer a nice package at the price point. The downfall of missing volume controls and audio hindrances should be taken into account though.