Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Review

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For some reason we seem to have accumulated a fair few slush making products. The first being the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Slush Machine and then we reviewed the Slush Mug. Now we have the Chill Factor Squeeze Cup, a product which is closer to the Slush Mug in function but with a twist. Instead of stirring the liquid to create slush, you squeeze the cup. But does it deliver tasty thick slushies?


So the Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker is less flamboyant in design in comparison to the Slush Mug. It looks like a regular cup you'd receive from an eating and drinking establishment when you go to order a take away cold beverage. It has a rounded translucent removable lid preventing spillage, so it's suitable to put in a cup holder on those roasting hot days. The cup comes in four bright colours that children will likely admire. These colours are green, red, blue and yellow. And a colour matching slush straw or, as some refer to them, spoon straw, is also included.

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How It Works

So to use the Squeeze Cup put the silicone cup part of the product, without the lid attached, into the freezer - we tended to leave it in there for around ten hours. Then take it out once it's frozen and pour your beverage of choice into the cup. For a beverage to turn into slush, pour in a drink with a reasonably high sugar content, like a regular carbonated soda or fruit juice. Artificially sweetened drinks won't turn into slush. The cup is squeezable because it's made out of silicone with an inner removable lining that is for all intents and purposes an ice pack which is segregated into sections, making sure the liquid doesn't all accumulate to one side if it's left within the freezer at an angle.

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As we squeezed the cup, sure enough the liquid turned into slush. A child will definitely enjoy this activity, and don't be concerned about spillage when squeezing, the lid prevents this from happening. The longer we squeezed, the thicker the slush consistency. It took roughly five minutes for our drink to be totally slushed and we were very pleased with the results. One advantage this has over the Slush Mug is you don't need a spoon to scrape the ice off the sides of the cup because squeezing does this.

The quality of the slush produced is equal to that of the Slush Mug but it does have a smaller capacity of 6 fluid oz when compared to the Slush Mugs 12 fluid oz. The difference is very noticeable and possibly wouldn't suffice everyone's thirst on a hot day. Even though we think the Squeeze Cup is easier to use and inherits a nice and familiar design, we felt our drinks came to end abruptly early. And we only pull out the Nostalgia Electric Retro Slush Machine when we want to make slush for more than just one person.

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We prefer to suck up slush via the straw but others like to spoon it up, which the straw allows for. In the heat of summer there aren't many better ways to refresh than a devious ice cold slush. And the slush remains thick for around thirty minutes too.

Clean Up

The last thing to mention is that washing the Squeeze Cup is fairly easy, simply unscrew the lid and rinse the cup and lid under lukewarm water. It's not dishwasher friendly.

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The Chill Factor Squeeze Cup is an easy and clean method of turning your drink into slush quickly once the cup has been frozen. We like the fact that we can use it in the car in a cup holder due to its attached lid preventing spillage, and the colourful style is almost guaranteed to appeal to children - well, it appeals to us anyway! The only criticism we have is that 6 fluid ounces of capacity, just isn't enough slush to enjoy on a scorching hot day.

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