Slush Mug Review

Coming all the way from the 1970s the Slush Mug isn't anything new but it's definitely an invention which has stood the test of time.

It's available in four colours; one in red, one in green teal, another in blue and the last is in purple. All colours are bright and bold, and coupled with the chunky design it delivers a retro package. The slush mug splits into two parts, the inner part is a white Glaciercore, the second part is the exterior mug which holds the Glaciercore. The mug has a giant handle reflecting the design's character.

The Glaciercore is where the liquid is poured in and it holds 12 fluid oz. The first step is to pop the Glaciercore into the freezer for around 6-12hrs. The Glaciercore has a liquid inside and once it's completely solid, it's ready to use. Now the Glaciercore can be slid into the mug and a beverage of choice can be poured into it. Don't use diet or sugar free drinks as these don't slush very well due to the lack of sugar content. With sugary drinks we'd recommend chilling them in the fridge and then pouring the liquid into your Slush Mug as it will speed up the slush making process. But this is in no way necessary.

This is the part we were mildly sceptical about. The period of time where the drink begins to turn into slush. We just couldn't get our heads around a drink turning into pure slush with it just sitting in a mug. We actually figured it would turn into very third rate watery slush. Of course, the photos of our results prove us to be completely wrong. The slush was thick and ice cold. It's recommend to stir every 2-3 minutes and it took our drinks to fully slush within 10-20 minutes. The slush that was produced and consumed was no different in texture or consistency to that of the Retro Slush Machine we have reviewed in the past. Plus, as the Glaciercore keeps everything nice and cold, you can enjoy the slush over a period of an hour without serious depreciation. This is something that can't be done with an ordinary cup or glass. Also something about the making process has an appealing charm; it will definitely be popular with children.

To consume the slush we'd recommend slush straws, as the thiner ones don't suck up the slush all that well, and also, of course, spoons work just fine too. One of our favourite parts of thee Slush Mug is the cleaning up process. It's literally a rinse and dry situation that takes around two minutes to complete. Try cleaning a slush machine down in two minutes!

So what drinks have we slushed? We found juice drinks slush well and the same goes for cordials. But our favourite types of drinks to slush are the fizzy kind and these work just as well as the rest.

Overall the Slush Mug is a superb and well rounded product. The price is just $9.99 when bought from; it makes slush with no hassle, it keeps it cold for an hour, the slush is very thick, the clean up process put a big smile on our faces and the design is awesomely retro! It's the easiest and simplest method we've ever tried to make slush.