Axe Refined Clean-Cut Look Pomade Review

The Axe Refined Clean-Cut Look Pomade is really only suitable for short to medium hair length. Aimed at men who want a simple yet sophisticated look.

It's translucent purple in appearance and is very slimy and thick in consistency. It mildly smells of tee tree, which is quite pleasant but I will always opt for an odour free product if I have the choice.

Applying is horribly difficult, it's easier with damp hair but that makes everything ultra sticky. So it's best to apply to dry hair, but the product is so thick it just doesn't spread. Of course you automatically use more to make up for this to spread evenly but you really should only use a pea sized amount. I have attempted diluting it but that makes it ultra sticky too. This is not a product you'd want to wake up to applying.

Styles I managed to achieve were to me dull and boring. You can't do much with the Axe Refined Clean-Cut Look Pomade that satisfies. The results are just like you'd get with men in the 50's using Brylcreem, except your hair looks greasy and wet. Something Axe claim it doesn't do. It feels nasty when you touch your hair and after a full day it became crusty and dried out my hair. Also styles fall apart with a simple touch and any wind will ruin your day.

Overall I would advise you not to go near Axe Refined Clean-Cut Look Pomade. It looks wet and greasy, feels nasty, is hard to apply and styles fall apart with little interference. It doesn't deliver a clean-cut look.