Axe Understated Natural Look Hair Styling Cream Review

The Axe Understated Natural Look Hair Styling Cream with natural Tee Tree Extract is suitable for most hair types. Long and short, straight and curly.


The cream is very thick because it's highly concentrated, it's very smooth and soft and isn't sticky. It's white in appearance also. The scent is very strong in tea tree, I don't mind the tea tree scent but I prefer an odour free product.

The first time I applied it to my hair I used a pea sized amount and that was far to much as I only apply it to my fringe. After that I have learnt to use around half a pea sized amount and mix it with a drip or two of water in the palm of my hand and then apply, this gives me the best results.

My hair style is the side fringe look and it's medium length. I can get nice texture with a plain wash and blow dry. But that style will flatten out throughout the day, so I hoped this would keep it in place and look fresh. It succeeded and added even more roughage and I guess an understated look which I really like. It keeps a solid hold, that doesn't really get affected from the wind. It isn't wet in appearance and doesn't even look like any product has been applied and I especially like this.

Another thing I love about the Axe Understated Natural Look Hair Styling Cream is that it doesn't dry. So it doesn't leave that crusty concrete feeling, which I dislike and instead feels a little natural. This allows you to restyle your hair throughout the day with ease.

I've been using a 75g/ 2.64oz tub for the last three weeks and haven't even tapped into a quarter of it yet. This is due to the extreme concentration of the product, so you're getting a lot for your money's worth.

Overall the Axe Understated Natural Look Hair Styling Cream is very manageable and has a good hold, whilst achieving it's intended aim of an understated/ natural look.