Glouv Contempo Case for iPad 2/3/4 Review

The Contempo case for iPad 2nd, 3rd & (New) 4th Generation, seems like a very befitting case for this time of the year. It's brightly patterned suede squares are charmingly stitched together makes it look very Christmassy.

The entire exterior of the case is patterned in the suede squares. Surprisingly it feels very smooth and comfortable to hold. The suede is thick and is therefore quite strong. After over a months worth of heavy usage. I have only experienced a slight fading on two of the rear red squares, caused by general wear.

The interior of the case covers the iPad's bezel via a black fabric frame. The frame is used to secure the iPad, but the fact that the entire iPad bezel is covered I find at times unpleasant in use. Inserting the iPad into the Contempo is painless due to a simple fabric flap which tucks under the iPad's rear to secure it in place. However with frequent usage the flap becomes loose and if the flap is facing down when using the case, the iPad will slip and in turn the very bottom of the screen will be slightly covered. A flaw which can be avoided by not using the case with the flap facing down, but I frequently forget and having to rotate the case to correct this, is cumbersome.

The iPad's exterior features are mostly usable. The volume rockers are half covered by the troublesome flap. However the mute switch, sleep/ wake button, auxiliary input, 30 pin dock connector/ Lightning Port (troublesome with inputs larger than the standard Apple 30 pin charge & sync cable) and rear/ front cameras are all easily accessible. One of my first concerns with the Glouv Contempo, is that the case covers the rear speaker quite a bit, but audio output is only marginally hindered.

Protection offered by the Glouv Contempo is satisfactory. It's quite dense and rigid in terms of thickness, making it resistive to mild drops and bumps. Ideal to keep lounged on a table or to keep within a bag.

The magnetic sleep and wake functionality works flawlessly. The folio design can't be faulted, the front cover piece stays firmly in place, something some folio cases struggle with. Other added functionality provided are three landscape stand positions. The upright stand positions are very secure in hold and won't fall with firm interaction of the iPad screen. No typing position is available which is a disappointment.

Overall I love the Glouv Contempo's exterior design, but it would be a better case if the interior design was the same as the Glouv Mainfold case. I find the flap issue annoying, plus the fact the entire bezel is covered, hinders the experience at times. Some might be able to oversee these flaws, mainly because of the stupendous build.