Jelly Belly Mobile Phone Sock Case Review

Jelly Belly are an iconic Jelly Bean manufacturer but are not so well known for their mobile accessories. This is one of them, the Jelly Belly Mobile Phone Sock Case manufactured by Infinity Entertainment. It's designed to to fit your smartphones, music players and cameras.

The sock comes in three skews of jelly bean inspired designs. Bubblegum pink, grape purple and cherry red. Each has a scattering of jelly beans and a different coloured top as seen in the photo above. All are very vibrant and up beat. Each sock is made from a soft fabric and is sort of reminiscent of a jelly bean in shape.

The socks fit iPod's and iPhone's, with or without cases perfectly. However the iPhone 5 seemed too tall but because the pouch is elasticated it will expand to fit with bigger devices such as these. Older digital cameras are just too big to fit, the ultra compacts that saturate the market today will have no trouble though.

Removing any device is very easy and quick, the soft fabric allows them to slide out with a pull of the top of the device and pinch of the bottom of the sock. It's the ideal sort of product to keep your devices inside of for protection within a pocket or bag. And then access the device which doesn't have to be compromised by a case.

Any device sitting in the Jelly Belly Sock will be completely protected by thick fabric. Preventing harm from scratches and bumps. Big drops will have some impact taken by the sock but the device inside may get damaged.

Overall the Jelly Belly Mobile Phone Sock Case offers superb compatibly and a novelty design. Plus you get a free packet of assorted Jelly Belly Beans.

They are available to purchase from the Carphone Warehouse.