Ten One Design Pogo Connect Stylus Review

I’ve heard about pressure sensitive styluses for the iPad but never got around to checking one out in person, until now. I’m not a fan of the basic pen stylus which many vendors advertise to replace the finger but I can see the point of a pressure sensitive unit, as it would provide greater artistic freedom.

The Pogo Connect Stylus Pen is a creation dreamed up by Ten One Design, makers of several iOS centric products. They’re clearly inspired by Apple in the way they approach product designs. The Pogo Connect feels and looks like an Apple product, with the aluminum construction and clean appearance. The nib is covered in black rubber that looks elegant and also offers a firm grip. The Stylus feels substantial but doesn’t tire or fidget the hand with long durations of usage.

One of the big inconveniences of this product, is that it works solely over Bluetooth 4.0. So it’s only compatible with the iPad 3 and New iPad 4. If you’d like to use it on the first two generations, you’ll need to download a bridge App which uses an iPhone that supports Bluetooth 4.0. I haven’t tried this App workaround but judging by others comments it works well.

The Bluetooth interacts with the iPad via Apps and once you launch an App and have the Pogo Connect on hand, it will automatically work. The seamlessness (also known as Smart Bluetooth) is most welcome and makes you more keen on using it. Battery life from the AAA is touted to last for months by Ten One Design. 

Compatible Apps can be seen here. The Apps that stood out to me from those I had already purchased and compatible, were Paper, Brushes and Sketchbook Pro. All quite different from one another but I had great fun using all. They also allowed me to rest my hand palm on the screen and not register it, solely focusing on the Stylus.

Comparing this in use, against a generic, non pressure sensitive stylus, is instantly light and day. A degree of accuracy and precision is gained from the pressure sensitivity and it all translates into a far more life like, pen or pencil to paper experience. The magnetically removable tip however is quite chubby, so at times it feels more like painting than drawing or sketching. But many of the compatible Apps make allowances for this, by cooperating with the user to fine tune the settings, establishing a more pen or pencil like effect.

Handwriting on the iPad using a general non pressure sensitive stylus, creates far bigger text than you would in real life. The Pogo substantially reduces this from happening and turns the iPad into a genuinely useful note taker.

To clarify the Ten One Design Pogo Connect Pressure Sensitive Stylus at $80, is recommendable and a game changer to those who enjoy unleashing their artistic side on the iPad.