iSol+ Plus Multi-Screen Cleaning Kit Review

Screens are the element we use the most with any device, a smartphone, tablet, TV, notebook ect. Yet most of us keep our screens clean by simply rubbing a cleaning cloth or sleeve over. I've always considered this to be a perfectly good method of erasing fingerprints, dust and dirt. Until I used the iSol+ Plus Multi-Screen Cleaning Kit.

Included within the kit is a spray bottle of cleaning liquid and a cleaning lint free cloth dubbed the ’Hyper Cloth’. The cloth is made of such fine fabric, 1/100th width of a human hair, that it doesn't scratch screens.  

Instructions are included, however the method iSol recommend I didn't find the easiest. They recommend that you spray the liquid onto the corner of the Hyper Cloth and then wipe the entire screen. Then polish off with a dry area of the cloth. This seems sensible but I found that I achieved exactly the same results by just spraying the screen directly and wiping until the substance had disappeared.

The first screen I applied the iSol+ onto was my iMacs, a bigger screen like that of television. My iMac is regularly wiped with a standard cleaning cloth but the little bits of dry dirt ect don't disappear via this method. I always thought they weren't very apparent when the screen is on but exceptionally stand out along the bezel. After using the iSol+ Screen Cleaner, the screen had never looked so good, on and off. Everything seemed far clearer and the gloss finish was gleaming. I then went on to apply it to my iPhone, iPad and the screens all looked like new, I discovered that it cleans the aluminum rears rather well too. The amount of cleaning liquid needed is minimal, so it goes a long way. One spray should be enough with iPhone sized devices. 

Does it wear off? Yes but, it takes around a weeks usage to do so. After applying to the touch screen devices, they felt silky smooth to use and of course had a gleaming shine. Finger prints, dirt aren't so attracted either.

The iSol Plus Multi-Screen Cleaning Kit is unique, I've never seen or used anything like it before. It works rather well and is the sort of product you should probably just have on hand to return a screen to like new state. Avaliable from