offtek RAM (Installing and Service) Review

Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the most important components in any computing device. From our iMac’s to our iPhone’s and iPad’s everything uses memory to store current real time information. If you don’t understand anything about RAM don’t worry that isn’t what this review is intended for.

RAM vendors and suppliers can have huge differences in quality and service. offtek make their number one priority service. Most people who might consider upgrading their RAM won’t know where to start, with many considerations to be had such as what type of RAM your computer takes and speeds of the RAM, your maximum capacity ect. All this is eliminated in one swoop with the easy download scanner on offtek’s website. You simply download a tiny little App which runs on both Macs and PC’s. It determines what type of RAM you need, how much RAM your system can take and how much you currently have installed. Of course now you can conveniently purchase the RAM with the displayed prices for the necessary amount you would like. This is what I call service. 

All purchases are delivered for free right across the UK and 95% go first class so it gets to your door fast.

So how easy is RAM to install? Well the installation I will be using to demonstrate this on is my iMac early 2009 20 inch model which can take up to 8GB of RAM which is what I will be installing. To install RAM on an iMac it is made very simple, you first need to unscrew just one single screw from the bottom of the unit which will allow a piece of aluminium covering the RAM to be taken off. Once done the RAM is wide open and you will see two black tabs which once tugged will release each RAM module (the iMac 20 inch has two). Then you can gently take out the RAM. Now you can install your new memory which looked identical to the removed RAM as expected but quality wise looked the same too. The RAM installs the same way up as the previous RAM was taken out and once properly in you should hear a faint click. Screw it back up and boot your iMac which will take a little bit longer than usual because it will need to register the new hardware and make sure everything is ok. If your iMac beeps this means the RAM was installed incorrectly.

Performance from doing this is fabulous. Booting my iMac with the original RAM installed took around 35 Sec, now with the 8GB installed it takes around 27-20 Sec. This translates into App’s like iMovie, Photoshop, Pixelmator, Pages and Numbers. Every App I launch now opens quicker and it’s more noticeable with larger App’s like iMovie which use to take around 12-15 Sec to launch. Now it launches in a blisteringly fast 4 Sec. Exporting movies in iMovie has also been speeded up due to the extra RAM, previously with the old RAM installed I would go off and watch a YouTube video or browse the internet while a movie was exporting this slowed the amount of time it would take to export because the memory was designated to the other things I was doing on my iMac. Now with my new RAM installed iMovie takes as much RAM as it needs with plenty left over allowing me to get on with other things.

Actually using iMovie and adding transitions and adding to clips speed and colors is also so much faster now, there is no delay at all. Overall using the iMac the speed of everything has increased with large Applications the speed is more noticeable than say using Safari which doesn’t have any noticeable performance difference.

Overall offtek RAM is fantastic with an easy to use and convenient website translating into great service to find the specific RAM your computer can take and then with fast free shipping. And to top it all off offtek offer a lifetime warranty on all RAM which is another fantastic reason to shop with them.