Krusell Gaia Case/ Cover for iPad 1 Review

The iPad 2 is out now worldwide but let's not forget those iPad 1 users. Our part in not forgetting you all is by reviewing an iPad 1 case from Krusell.

The Krusell Gaia comes in four colors, black, red, brown and pink. Right off the bat this is a large iPad case. The padding used is of a very high quality and makes the case feel nice in the hands. The exterior material is leather and no special slots or pockets are located on the outside of the case. The stitching is quite poor in places with very un straight lines and loose thread. The inside of the Gaia where the iPad rests is a foamy material. The other side of interior is leather, the same as the exterior of the case. The leather material contains an opening to place documents ect in.

The iPad slides into the case with no tuck under material to make sure it won't come out. Having said that it is a very tight fit in the Gaia so I wouldn't really worry about it.

Accessing ports and buttons is very easy as everything on this case is exposed. The bezel is covered up a little too much for my liking though.

The protection that the Krusell Gaia gives is very welcome. Big drops and bumps will easily be shrugged off. The main protection is due to that thick padding.

Overall this is a case for those who'd like great protection and don't mind the bulk nocking it's portability slightly. It feels great in the hands and the colors to choose from are nice. But the lack of different positions the case will go into such as the typing position which most cases of this nature have is a huge let down. The stitching isn't very good either which makes me questiom what the case would look like over time and whether it will fall apart or not.