simplehuman 58L Voice Activated Dual Compartment Sensor Bin Review

simplehuman 58L Voice Activated Dual Compartment Sensor Bin

Recycling is, or certainly should be, part of all our daily lives, but so many of us still have a bin for waste in the kitchen and perhaps one or two plastic bags allocated for recycling. Well, now that so much can be recycled, we could all do with the convenience of a dedicated bin in the kitchen for that too, and just imagine if that bin was integrated with out waste bin and opened at our command! Well simplehuman might just have the answer with the 58L Voice Activated Dual Compartment Recycling Sensor Bin, all for £250.00.


The one thing that stands out immediately on unpacking this simplehuman dual bin is that it is manufactured to the highest standards. The brushed stainless steel finish is perfectly formed throughout, with well-rounded corners, and where it meets the tough plastic on the back of the lid and top of the bin openings it is scrolled over to make a pleasingly smooth finish. Added to this, the stainless steel has a nano-silver anti-fingerprint and anti-germ coating, which really does work. All aspects of the design are well thought out, with even the rigid plastic recycling liner having a folding handle and moulded to fit perfectly within its designated half of the dual bin.

How it works

This is a sensor and voice activated bin, so that not only will it open as you pass your hand over the centred sensor, but it will also open on the command 'Open Can' (although we often say 'Open bin' and it still obliges). The sensor is run either from its supplied AC adaptor plug or via six AA batteries. The battery compartment is neatly placed on the back of the bin below a storage space for extra waste bin liners and this is also where the AC adaptor connects.

In Use

We are already aware of the extremely effective sensor used on simplehuman products from our previous bin (the simplehuman 45 litre semicircular sensor bin) and this new dual variant does not disappoint. The large lid flips up immediately as you pass your hand towards the bin allowing you to drop recycling plastics, bottles, cardboard etc., into the recycling side, or rubbish into the waste bin side, without ever having to touch the bin itself. But now, with voice activation, you can order the bin to open by saying 'Open can' even before you reach it, thus speeding up the process and even allowing you to throw lighter objects, such as odd pieces of cardboard, into it from from a short distance. We find that you do sometimes find yourself shouting quite loudly at it and occasionally a voice on the radio will spookily activate the lid to go up (something new to worry our very neurotic cat!), but on the whole it's a genuinely helpful feature.

All this automation might seem unnecessary for a bin, but just think how useful it really is. No having to wash your hands after touching dirty bin lids when cooking and no bin lids becoming dirty due to constantly having waste pushed past them. The whole process is far more clean and hygienic than a traditional bin and since we had our first simplehuman sensor bin we can't imagine life without one. Now, with the added ability to easily store recycled materials in the same bin, the whole process is streamlined and efficient; at last, no more unsightly bags hanging on the back of the door full of cans, paper and bottles waiting to be put outside for recycling.


Well, we all have to empty the bins sometimes (just like the Prime Minister's husband!) and it helps greatly if the process is made as simple and clean as possible. With this simplehuman dual compartment bin you lift the very smoothly hinged compartment lid to its stopping point, where it holds itself up, and the waste side is contained in a fitted simplehuman plastic bag that is easily lifted out and has a tie handle. These simplehuman bags are excellent and should not be replaced with cheaper products if you want a 'simple' life - they are made to fit and do not easily puncture or tear, so your bin is always left clean and you don't end up with waste all over the floor. Once the full bag has been removed, a new bag can be pulled through the inside back of the bin compartment and put in place - 'simple'; they have thought of everything.

The rigid plastic container for recycling items can be lifted out by its folding handle and can be washed out as necessary when away from the bin itself. We can't begin to tell you how good it is to have this facility within the bin.

To sum up

It's a wonderful thing when technology truly helps with an everyday task, and with the simplehuman Voice Activated Dual Compartment Recycling Sensor Bin the tech is also helping and encouraging us to improve the environment - all wrapped up within a very stylish appearance and a decent 5 year guarantee.

Five Stars