Handpresso Pump Pop Review

Handpresso Pump Pop

Handpresso is a concept that does certainly work, as we’ve discovered first hand with their automated release for the car. This brand new Handpresso Pump Pop is their most recent effort and most impressive is that it’s the company's lowest priced Handpresso at €79/£79! 


From the get go we could see how Handpresso have whittled down that price tag with the humble packaging. Nevertheless the actual appliance inside the box is not poorly built. The astute simple design is still the mission statement that Handpresso certainly stand behind. A contemporary style is created with the artful white metal body contrasted by optional pink, apple green or sky blue plastics. With a slim profile and respectable 480g weight, it’s a coffee loving campers' partner in crime - now to see if it works.

Handpresso Pump Pop Pressure Gauge

Ease of Use

Some of the best food and drink gadgets for campers aren't actually the ones with lots of features and functionality. They’re the ones that complete a task simply and effectively. And these are the two credentials that the Handpresso Pump Pop serves with the upmost ease. To get the espresso action on the go, unscrew the cap, fill the water reservoir with 'just off the boil' water, then you can either pop in an E.S.E. pod or use your own ground coffee with the supplied removable basket. Now comes the strenuous part of pumping the chamber to build pressure for espresso extraction in the same way you’d use a bicycle pump - this takes around a minute.

Little design inclusions, like using the handle of the Pump Pop to neatly tamp the coffee into the basket, and then with a twist it locks so that it doesn't spring free on your travels; and the dual action button used for espresso extraction and the prevention of drips when finished, are all well thought implementations adding friendly functionality.

Is the Espresso Tasty?

We have to consider the Aeropress for the sake of comparison. Whilst the Aeropress is really designed for black coffee, the Handpresso Pump Pop is all about the espresso, and both are fantastic coffee making travel companions! However, the Pump Pop allows you to decide what style of espresso based beverage you'd like most. Combine heated milk with an electric milk frother for cappuccino and latte styled drinks or just use hot water for an Americano. All not realistically achievable with the Aeropress, due to the lack of pressure for full bodied espresso. Most impressive is that the Handpresso Pump Pop capably extracts golden coloured espresso within the recommended time for a single shot from its 16 bar pressure, with a lovely crema to boot. Upon trying the 5 sample E.S.E. pods and our own ground coffee, it’s quite surprising to be able to drink flavoursome espresso that holds its own against more barista styled efforts and obviously absolutely obliterates all forms of instant. Interestingly we couldn't distinguish any differences with regard to performance from this hand pumped Handpresso and the electronically driven Handpresso Auto E.S.E we previously reviewed. In fact, because we have to pre-heat the water, the espresso is actually warmer from this new addition to the line-up.


The new Handpresso Pump Pop may be the cheapest option from the company, but it still creates equally tasty full bodied espresso. As a contemporary styled compact and convenient method, it makes the activity of creating espresso from ground coffee on the go equally as speedy to do as making a cup from the harsh and lacklustre instant jar coffee. So for anyone who partakes in frequent outdoorsy activities where coffee cravings will occur, the Handpresso Pump Pop is an affordable, durable and capable coffee gadget perfectly made for the occasion.

Four Stars