ArmourDillo Hybrid Case for Google Nexus 4 Review

The title of this case, ArmourDillo, emphasises its intended application to strongly protect the device within it. This is the ArmourDillo Hybrid case for the Google Nexus 4.

Taking cues from other robust cases on the mobile handset market this is made up of two separate layers. The first layer is a silicone skin which wraps around the phone and the second layer is a plastic shell which clasps itself on top of the skin. The Nexus 4 has a glass back, so protection is a high priority. We found the case very easy to put on and take off the Nexus 4, which is helpful when the device is needed for docking and such. But due to the way the case has been designed the user can choose to not equip the plastic shell if they'd prefer to minimise bulk. Either way the case makes the Nexus 4 have more grip when held and used in the hands and the textured backing of the shell, if attached, is comfortable and looks distinctive. Currently the case is available in four colours, black on black, purple on black, blue on black and red on black; the version we have.

The protection provided from the case's makeup is great for the rear and sides of the handset but the front screen is completely exposed. The cases front lip overhangs the screen, so if the phone was dropped onto a flat surface and landed face down the screen wouldn't come into direct contact with the surface. What's very important is that the clip-on shell adds strength to each of the case's four corners. Statistically most accidental drops leave the device landing on one of its corners so this added strength will no doubt help in way of protection. The shell doesn't incorporate anything fancy, like a crumple zone which the similar in style OtterBox Reflex Series of cases have, but for £12.95 the price which currently charge, it translates excellent value, and it should be able to cope with drops from around 2 metres onto hard surfaces.

One of the most notable and useful inclusions this case has is its flip-out stand. This keeps the case securely held upright in landscape view, ideal for viewing video and interacting with Apps. It adds no additional bulk to the shell when it's not in use and we found ourselves frequently popping it out of the case. It's definitely a feature we could become accustomed to with all cases.

The phone's volume and sleep/wake buttons are covered by the case's moulded ones and are harder to press. They haven't loosened from our prolonged usage either. Many brands have very efficient light in-case buttons as we like to call them, that operate with little fuss, this is something we prefer but some users may like the definite feedback these provide.

The rear camera, flash and speaker, top auxiliary input, bottom docking port and microphone are all cutout of the case. The cutout for the rear camera doesn't decrease the amount of light that can enter the lens, so photos and videos aren't hindered when using this case.

Overall the ArmourDillo Hybrid case protects the Google Nexus 4 within a thin and light design at a low price.