Thorntons Footy Fanatic Easter Egg Review

Straight off the heels of our previous Thorntons Easter Egg Review, comes this one. Aimed at football loving children this egg sits within a series of three other eggs from Thorntons for children. These are the white Chocolate Bramble Bunny Egg, the milk chocolate Shining Star Egg and the standard Milk Egg.

Right away we noticed that this egg is packaged within a cardboard box, instead of the more classy translucent plastic offerings from Thorntons this Easter. Cardboard is possibly a safer option for a child's Easter egg, but we found the egg a little more tricky to take in and out of the box. A cardboard pull out slot lock is fixed to the bottom of the box but ours ripped almost instantly.

Weighing 150g it's the lightest of all the eggs within the children's range. The design has a moulded white and dark chocolate football on the front. We universally don't like football but felt this design was a little tacky, wouldn't it have been more fetching if the egg was shaped as an actual football? The rest of the eggs textured with multidirectional lines, apparently to look like the back of a football net? No additional chocolates are found within the box, this a strictly egg affair.

The milk chocolate is thin in thickness, this isn't a huge egg but it is a reasonable size for a child. It easily snaps but is an offender in leaving behind crumbs. The chocolate quality is good. Thorntons chocolate is generally delicious but we felt that this milk chocolate lacked the flare that is found in the Cadburys releases. Cadburys Easter eggs are very rich, sweet but always enjoyable when you peck through one on an Easter Day. This egg was initially rich, smooth and succulent. But we couldn't munch away through it like a Cadburys egg, the reason is because it's greatly richer. The little white and dark moulded football is a a bit of a change up in flavours and appeared to be the same quality white chocolate found from in Thorntons Tempting Trifle Easter Egg.

Overall the Thorntons Footy Fanatic Easter Egg is a good and reasonably priced at £3.50 milk chocolate offering for children. However some of the thrills of included extras found with other eggs isn't here and that may be an off putting factor.