TYLT Cush Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

TYLT are known for making charging solutions. But now they've entered a different domain, with the Cush Protective Case Solution for iPhone 4/ 4S.

This is a bumper style case with the addition of cushioned backside protection. The case comes in two colours, black and white. But also the cushioned back is avalibale in different textures, bubbled, striped and a spotted square styles are available.

The bumper is very similar to the Apple version and has convenient access to the 30 pin dock connector, volume rockers, mute switch, audio jack and sleep/ wake button. It allows for an adequate degree of flex, making it simple to apply to your iPhone.

The cushioned backside is super grippy, it feels very comfortable and safe in the hands due to this. It's self adhesive and I managed to align it up with the rear of my iPhone on the first attempt. It's very sticky and hasn't peeled away from my iPhone after a week of usage. I removed it today and was worried of any left sticky elements on the back of my iPhone, but rest assured it left nothing behind. It actually made the rear of my iPhone feel brand new.

Protection is given to all the edges of the iPhone from the bumper, and the rear of the iPhone is well cushioned too. Small drops, bumps and scrapes will be ideal for this case to handle. But bigger drops I wouldn't be overly confident with Cush Case. If the iPhone is dropped onto a surface face down, the screen isn't going to come into direct contact with the surface. This is because the bumper sticks out slightly in front of the iPhone screen.

Overall the TYLT Cush Case for the iPhone 4/ 4S is a great choice of case for those who love the concept of a bumper and would like added rear protection.