Earth Defender iPhone Game Review

Earth Defender is apparently like a game called ‘Missile Command’ which I haven't ever had the opportunity to have played, so it will be a fresh chance to see how this type of game works.

Earth Defender basically is all about defending planet earth from incoming enemies. You defend Earth by planting one of the large array of weapons. These included the black hole bomb which sucks in all enemies, shake your iPhone to get rid of everything on screen with the nuke and not to forget the electrical bombs which zap the enemies. As you go from one level to another the weapons become more powerful in abilities. 

The controls are very simple you just tap with your finger on screen to a location you'd like to blast a bomb and the game accepts up to 4 fingers on our multi touch displays too! As I mentioned previously you can shake your iPhone or iPod touch to perform a nuke attack. The controls work flawlessly and I haven't found any hiccups considering how much is going on within a 3.5 inch screen.

The graphics are absolutely blow away and for an arcade retro style game they’re spot on. There is plenty of over the top physics and expositions which really adds to the gameplay. The brightly lit enemies and fast paced action is all very intense and infuses the gameplay. I have no complaints in the graphics department.

The sound is just like the graphics over the top and spewing out with action and epicness. There are tons of gigantic explosions and the voice dialog is like being in a XXX movie not the ‘porn kind mind’ the action film with Vin Diesel.

Overall if you like strategy/ epic action games and love on the go games, this is an undoubtedly must have alongside Angry Birds and it’s only 99c!